Monday, November 10, 2008

Free Online Coupons

My sister in-laws called quite early on Saturday morning to ask my husband if he knows anything about Wal-Mart computer sale going on. First we did not know anything about it, and secondly we did not know that they are having some kind of sale on Saturday. We didn’t even get the circular on what is going on over there. It must have been some kind of secret sale, or something to that nature. Anyway, she also asks if we can look up online for some kind of coupon hoping she can save more. However, we didn’t have much luck finding any promo codes.
My husband and I are always in the look-out for any deals with electronics, accessories and office supplies. We need it more now since we are home schooling our children, from the printer inks to erasers and everything in between. We have a few office supply stores near us, and we always check online for coupons before going to these stores. Our Best Buy store opened not too long ago so that will be added to our lists of online coupon codes. I really don’t mind driving around when looking for a great deal with office supplies. With Best Buy coupons added, we will definitely see the savings from now on.