Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gift Ideas for My Young Children

Time flies so fast when one is busy catching up on things. Once the school started, I keep telling myself that there are plenty of times to shop for Christmas, and enough time to find what my children like. Now it’s almost December and I haven’t started yet. I don’t even have time to browse the online circular to find the best deal on toys. My children love watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, I am thinking about buying mickey mouse cars for my youngest son. I am very sure that he will enjoy playing with it because he loves cars. My daughter loves to draw and I’m sure she will like the smART easel along with her brothers who enjoy the same.

My children are using so much paints, crayons, markers, and papers since I started them with home school. I may as well give them school supplies along with their toys for Christmas, in my opinion. I enjoy giving learning materials as a gift to anyone. You better watch out when you invite me to your birthday and other occasions because that is what you’re getting from me. Furthermore, it would be different if you have a gift lists to pick from.

You will find the Mickey Mouse Car, smART easel, crayons, markers and more at MEGA Brand Toys. Please take a few minutes to pick on their toy selection by clicking the link above.