Friday, November 7, 2008

Materials Came For DS

Yes, some of his materials came yesterday and today. They are from K12 cyber school program, just like the ones for DD. We have 1 more week to get the rest of it. Hoping we get all of it before he start on the 17th.You will notice the K-2, DS is in 2nd grade.

The UPS driver even came back today after dropping off three boxes. We live in a horse shoe shape street. After delivering something at the other side of the horse he came back telling me he found one more box for us. I should probably give him something for Christmas because he is being so nice about it...we will

The boxes are filled too. I just didn't feel like taking all the materials out just to take a picture. I'm lazy He got more things than my DD. I like the science box because K12 sent him some cool stuff. I can't wait for his science class. I think I am more excited than him about it.