Saturday, November 29, 2008

No Raw milk

It's kinda hard to get raw milk from our friends place now. Vince (our friend) left and now working for an organic farm in Vermont. His mother and sister took over taking care of his cows and milking two cows. I'm not sure how much milk they can get from each but DH told that one cow can produce 10 gallons a day. If milk twice a day.

Now every time I go over there they don't have milk to sell. Then I would asked when can I come back. His mother usually tells me the day but on Wednesday (a day before Thanksgiving) she told me to come back. She didn't set the time because she said she will be home all day. DH went there to pick it up but no one is home. He said looks like Vince is back because his car is on the driveway but no one answer the door.

DH had to drive half hour to get raw milk for our consumption. But we like their milk, we don't want to go somewhere else to buy any but this time DH had to. I don't want my children drinking store bought milk anymore. I'm dreading going back there, I don't like confrontation. We like them and I don't think selling milk is their priority right now. They can probably get away not selling it to us. They are well off family and selling 25 dollars worth of milk a week is not worth it for them.

Every time we get use to something it always taken away from us. I love their milk too, not like the ones my DH bought at the other farm. Sad.

This was the second time they did this to us. Last time I told her I'll be after 3 days, when I got there she told me that I told her that I'll be back the day before the 3rd day. I was like what ever (to myself), I told her the day too, but it seems that she heard it wrong. So the day I came back she don't have any milk, and told me that she save me a few gallons a day before. I had enough to last for three days, and there is no way I'll come back before the day I told her that I'll be back.

DC end up drinking the non nutritional value, no natural ingredients milk from the store for 3 days. Yuck.

We really need to buy a bigger property to have some cows to milk.