Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What A Day!

DC refused to do extra class yesterday. We only done 4 subjects and they said they are done. I wanted to add another subject to even up the days ahead. And today was very hectic. We did not get done until 5pm. No, we are not doing the class the whole day but it feels that way.

First, DS had a meeting with his homeroom teacher and the IEP teacher. Remember the mean teacher I talked about, yup that was her. They did some reading practice online. First I'm having hard time using the microphone, and figure out later when they are done that we need to use the mic like a walkie talkie. I thought we only need to press it once and figure he can talk on it...wrong.

They finally called me over the phone and they used the phone instead. During the meeting he needed to type something on the screen, find the feature easily and done what they ask but it wasn't coming up. So, they decided to let my son say it instead of typing. They could have done it in the very beginning to save some time. Oh well.

Then my DD had a meeting around 10:30am an hour after DS. The meeting is about using the online feature that my DS used ealier. We could have use that before he started. It's done and over with and hoping he don't need to do it in a month. So we waisted about one hour and half doing all the meeting today. I can't teach the other one while the other is on the meeting because it get very noisy.

Then DS computer always shut down when opening an attachment to his lessons. Everytime we needed to print something Adobe freezes and the whole browser shut down. It's very time consuming speacially with the computer they gave us to use. You can't buy it in computer store anymore.

But I am glad because with all the stuff happened today, DH was able to bypass the attachment problems and we received the remaining materials for DS school. That is one of the reason also why we got done so late today. I let him read the missed books and activities on Lang Arts. Now we don't have to look for the books to read online. I am very thankful because some people write the books online and we are able to read them. He didn't missed so much, the only thing he missed was the book "Girl with the Milk Pail". He is learning about "Fable and Morals" in this unit. And we only do the assessments on Math because he basically know everything in this unit.

Yea, what a day!