Thursday, December 4, 2008

Another B-day Party

This is the 3rd birthday party my DD attended in the month of November. I know this post is was past due. Here she is one wearing a pink leotard, the party was held in a gymnastic school.

From what my SIL told me, she had a lot of fun. She even ate all the food that was given to her. (I didn't take her because I rather stay home clean the house and cook dinner for the family). The very first birthday we went to, she hardly touch the food but drank a lot of juice.

I wanted to give her a birthday party also, but her birthday is in May. Meaning it's not really nice outside yet, our house is not fit for 25 people. We don't have a big family, but when everyone comes our house looks very full with only 12 yup it's right. So, the party will be held outside in the yard. Plenty of room and everyone have a place to sit, if we invite her B&M school class.