Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Break

ODS still have school until Tuesday. My homeschoolers last day is today. They are so happy when I told them we are on Christmas brake until January. I hesitated a little to let them know but I need a break myself. We could have continue and only skip Christmas day but I will let them decide later on when they started to get bored.

They already went outside and play today. Our very first big snow of the year. We had a few already but this is the very that they can pick and throw snow at each other. The few that we had were not high enough to make anything.

Anyway, I don't have to worry about Christmas dinner this year. My SIL decided to have it in her house (my FIL house actually,she lives in one of my FIL house) because her new beau fixed it not too long ago. I'm not really sure about the story why all of the sudden she decided to do it in her house. Anyway, DH has the same right as she is in that house so I'm not worried about the new beau's doing if ever something is up.

All I wanted to do is relax and drop ec as much as I can. Pathetic isn't


abelle said...

Happy Holidays! ;o)