Monday, December 8, 2008

Free Ringtones For The Holiday

Who is going beyond being festive this season? Well not me, I will do what I can but not beyond. Like I said below I don’t even know how to manage the little time I have to myself these days. My house is not decorated; however I used to do it every year before I had three children. I can still do it, however it means that the time I spend with my children will be less if I have to do it. My blogs are festive, that’s good enough for me :).

My sister in law is the opposite though; her children are all in their late teens and early twenties. They have some life of their own now and they also appreciate festive lifestyle. Each one of them has their own free Sprint real music ringtones . My husband always shakes his head every time he calls them, because he does not appreciate it much. Our cell service is Verizon and I’m sure my son will like to have their free Verizon real music ringtones but he is grounded right now. In my opinion he can’t have gratuity until he shows some improvement.

In the other hand my sister in California likes to treat herself often, and she uses free at&t cingular ringtones . I know because that is the only service she gets. She doesn’t have any other choice but to go with them. I like their roll over minutes however, Verizon don’t have this feature. If you are interested to download free tmobile ringtones or other ringtones, please click the links I added in this post. You can download free ringtones for your cell phones by visiting this sites. Have a good day everyone.


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