Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jersey Shore

Why is it nice to go to the beach in the summer? I grew up in an island and living far away from it makes me miss it a lot more. Not to mention the fresh breeze in the morning, but I’m not very fond of typhoons. However, you don’t need to talk me into living at the beach, I would come in the heart beat, tell me where it is and I’m there. The closest beach we have is about two hours and a half drive from my house. The best part of the Jersey shore is the water park. You will find the best water parks in New Jersey at Morey Pier. Have you been there yet?

You should take a Jersey Shore beach vacation to find out. Furthermore, by buying your seasons pass you will save 40 percent to both water parks. If you don’t have anything good to give to your relatives or love ones this Christmas, why not buy tickets and season passes as a gift. However, you better act fast because they are only on sale until January 9th 2009. I would love to go there along with my family; it’s been a long time since we went on vacation. And I’m sure that my children will enjoy going there.


Zen Ventures said...

I hear ya on this one. I also grew up almost next to the beach. I love being at the beach and now that I live where I am now far away from it, I always dream of being near it most times! crazy!

Nedekcir said...

Thanks Zen, yup me too, dreaming about it is all I can do for now.:))