Monday, December 8, 2008

Look What DH Brought Home

Yup, this what what he brought home Thursday afternoon from NJ. We talk about getting a kitten after all of our DC are potty trained. Nope, they are not trained yet, I still have our youngest one to work on.

Don't get me wrong I love the the kitty, but he is giving me another job to do by taking her home without asking me. I wasn't mad at all, but as soon as he gives me the responsibility then I get mad. The same thing when he bought the fish. I told him I am not cleaning it and he got so mad at me. Telling me that is very easy to do blah blah blah. I done it before, I like doing it when I'm the one who wanted it. However when he does it on his own, he is on his own to train the cat to go outside and to clean the fish tank.

I don't even know how to divide the little time I have now. And he kept adding more to it. I have to put my foot down and give him the responsibility. I wish that I am a super woman to do everything, but I am still human. Who gets sick and need time for myself even it's only 15 minutes a day. Man, I can't understand them.


Allen's Darling said...

Hi Ate Eden

Wow...sounds like me eh. I can't do anything too. Because i got 4 doggies responsibility in our home. They loved the dogs. But me, who is suffering all the work. Goshly!!! im so fed up sometimes.... huhuhuhuhu


please changed my URL (pinaylovestories) to i don't know what happen it just happen now i can't open no more....

thank you so much..

Ria said...

Oh, the joys of married life *wink*...How are you? I don't drop ECs anymore because I no longer have an account...might as well leave comments. It's more personal that way =)


Nedekcir said...

Hey thanks ladies for the comments, kahit papano nararamdaman ko na hindi ako nagiisa sa buhay may-asawa...tagalugin ko kc baka basahin nya...ha ha ha. Para mahirapan syang

Bluebird said...

Everything that happens to you happens to you for a reason :)) --- see how you get kind'a irritated? -- so, see that there's something in you that needs to be 'healed'?-- maybe you should be more clear to the person who brought the kitten into your home -- and keep your foot down. not angrily -- but with firmness-- and do NOT take care of the kitten -- the cat's there to make 'the lesson' work-- it will be okay -- trust the 'Universe'.