Wednesday, December 24, 2008

School Projects

Here are a few of DD projects from school. She loves anything about art. Even when she is off from school she still do drawings, paintings, cutting snow flakes, paper people etc, and she also did the Christmas cards for her Aunt and grandparents.

A lot of you know this one. We are covering the Asian continent on her History lesson and this is the Chinese lantern. As a kid we used this to decorate our house on Christmas and New Year with construction paper chain in between. I didn't know these used to bring luck also. I thought my parents only use them for decorations. Now I know. I'm learning along with my kids :).

This one is supposed to be a sunflower but she insisted to use pink construction paper, plus we don't have sunflower seeds and I gave her what is available from our kitchen. This is part of her Science lesson learning about living and non-living things.

Ni Hao!!! This one is also part of her History lesson about China. The dragon supposed to bring good luck to everyone. Fu!