Sunday, December 28, 2008

SIL New Beau

Again DH is right about her sister new found BF. Actually not new found because they been together for two years now. In the very beginning he put on an act that can not pass from DH eyes. He knew that he is only putting this act because it's just over the top.

They got engage in the middle of November and sure enough, bam! just old regular self again. At one point he came to our house riding a bike just to say hi to the kids. He said that since he was in our area he may as well say hi to them. Duh, they all play us. I fell so bad for the kids. The old man who was so playful and happy turn into an old grumpy not so cheerful man.

We hope that he is treating my SIL much better than her now ex-husband. Why did she always end up with these kind of people? Is she that soooo nice that she makes excuses for their actions? Is she the kind of person that sugar coats everything? I hope not because her family are not like that. Well at least DH is not, my MIL is as awake as DH but she can sugar coats anything. Maybe she got that genes 100% from her mother, who knows.

I hope she is treating her right, because if not he is not allowed in our house. Plus DH is already mad at him for playing games with our kids. We can't believe he played them like the way he did. He is a jerk!


the fool on the hill said...


Send the old man over to me and I will fix him, give him a shine and return him to your SIL.

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