Friday, June 27, 2008

Auto Body Repair

There are many auto body shops around, but few are collision expert repairers. Make sure you go with the best like auto body denver. They will return the look of your vehicle before the accident. Visit their site and search if they have locations near you by using zip codes or by city and state.


A teacher asks her class if anyone can use the word fascinate in a sentence. Brian raises his hand and says, "The sky is fascinating."

The teacher says, "No that's fascinating."

Jennifer raises her hand and says, "When I saw the tigers at the zoo I was fascinated."

The teacher says, "No that's fascinated."

So finally Little Johnny raises his hand and says, "My mom bought a new blouse with 12 pearl buttons, but her chest's so big she could only fasten eight!"

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Boating Education

Every year in Arizona, alcohol is directly related to fatal boating accidents. Fifty percent of all fatal boating accidents in Arizona were alcohol related in 2007 and one third of all fatal boating accidents nationwide. This is sad, people can have fun and be safe at the same time. Please read Boating Education and try to be safe this summer.

Boating Operating Under the Influence is against the law. In 2007 Arizona watercraft law enforcement agencies arrested over 350 people who were operating watercraft under the influence of alcohol. Follow the law for Arizona Boating and other states boating law. It's not only for everyone's safety but for oneself. Check Boating Education Online and learn how dangerous it is operating a boat while under the influence of alcohol.

Please remember to Boat Safe, Boat Smart, Boat Sober and take a boating class in person or online. And you know how I feel about baby sitters, I do not need one.

My Daughter's Art

I would like to share a few of my DD arts. She said this one is me cleaning the carpet with a vacuum.
And this one is my self portrait. My legs are missing LOL.

Summer Vacation in Your RV or Motorhome

My husband and I love to travel. And we are always looking or browsing for New RVs and Motorhomes or used ones. I think it would be nice to have such large vehicle to drive to our destination. We don’t have to crump seven people in a minivan like what we did when we went to Florida in May. And we don’t need to pay for hotel rooms. Yup, rooms because we are not allowed to stay in one room. We need to pay for two. Check this site out for more information and just to let you know, they are having their final sale clearance going on now.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Banners Are Out

Here is my high school reunion sign. This one is hang at my old Alma Mater. Thank you KA88 for putting this out for everyone to see and know that we are having our 20th high school reunion coming up.

Now I'm off to grab more opportunity from advertisers :) to pay for my share.

Share a "Memorable" Vacation and Win a GPS

When my husband and I first met, we used to just drive around and decide what to do or where to go for a weekend get away. We can’t really do it now because of gas price hike these days. Anyway, we done it a few times and end up to places that we can never think of visiting. At one point we made it to Niagara Falls Canada side. I would say it was the best vacation ever. On those days we don’t have to worry if we have the proper papers to go in and out of the country. Nowadays you can’t even leave the country without a passport.

Like I said those are the days and will terribly miss. When we travel these days we make sure we have enough information about the place we are going to visit. Check sites like online travel guides to know what things we can do when we get there. We are very close to New York City and very easy to go there in a day trip so all we have to do is type Things to do in New York City online and wala instant information. You can also sign up for newsletter at Trusted Tours & Attractions and have a chance to win a handheld GPS. What are you waiting for? Visit them online and check this special promotion.

Making A Deference

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

C'elle Stem Cell

If you did not bank your newborns cord blood and have a family history of major disease or even if your family doesn’t have a history of disease, C'elle menstrual stem cells offer a hope for you or your family. C'elle provides women with unique opportunity to collect and preserve vital stem cells that can be taken from menstrual fluid during the menstrual cycle. These menstrual stem cells are one of a kind because they have many properties and characteristics similar to both bone marrow and embryonic stem cells. They multiply rapidly and can differentiate into many other types of stem cells such as neural, cardiac, bone, fat, cartilage and possibly more. Meaning the possibility is endless on what C’elle menstrual stem cells can cure. Learn about C'elle Order Now Special Promotion Code: OL and for limited time introductory price of $399.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Sleeping Patterns Are Governed by Light (last part)

What Happens When Your Biological Clock is Disrupted?

Your body depends on your biological clock to steadily regulate your sleep/wake cycle, but when this process gets thrown off balance, it can wreak havoc on your health.

And it is actually quite easy to disrupt your body clock. For instance, all of the following can confuse your body and make it think you should be awake when you should be sleeping, or vice versa:
  • Staying up late
  • Working the night shift
  • Turning on a light in the middle of the night
  • Using a night light
  • Switching time zones (jet lag)
  • Eating in the middle of the night or too close to bedtime
Your body’s internal clocks (you actually have many, in your brain, lungs, liver, heart and even your skeletal muscles) influence so many things -- from your heart rate to body temperature and hormone production -- that when they’re thrown out of whack all kinds of things can happen. For instance, a disrupted body clock may cause you to you gain weight or increase your risk of cancer.

Using Darkness to Help You Sleep

Making simple changes in your bedroom to keep the light out during the night can have a major impact on your sleep quality. Even the chiropractor at my office, Dr. Lloyd Fielder, was surprised at the benefit when he installed blackout drapes in his bedroom.

He was shocked at how much better he felt -- it radically improved the quality of his sleep. Personally, I sleep in a room that is so dark, it’s even pitch black at noon. You can achieve this in your own bedroom by:
  • Installing blackout drapes
  • Closing your bedroom door if light comes through it, and even putting a towel along the base to prevent light from seeping in
  • Getting rid of your electric clock radio (or at least covering it up at night)
  • Avoiding night lights of any kind
  • Keeping all light off at night (even if you get up to go to the bathroom) -- this includes the TV!

Birth Announcement

If you are looking for a place to get your birth announcements, holiday photo cards, wedding invitations, or any type of photo announcement you want to send to all the people you know. Come and visit, they use your printed or digital photos to create interesting and custom cards. Just look at the photo on top, don’t they look very professional? I like everything they offer, plus they make your photos looks much nicer with the entire photo editing software available today. I wish I have known this site before. Check them out my friends and readers.

The Fruit of My Labor

Yes, this is where I spent some of my earnings. Actually this is my forth purchase from my earning from blogging. The first is a call to my family at home thru skype. The second one is a donation to our favorite political party. The third one is 2 GB of memory for my pc and the swimming pool is my fourth.

The pool is not filled with water yet but the kids are very anxious to be in it. The water is still very cold too. I only go in there when I am sweating from working and feel very hot. Other than that I stay away.

I haven't send any money for my reunion yet, but I still have time. September is the due date for that contribution. As long as PPP is still giving me something to write I will not have any problem sending them money.

Ok, let's cool off!

Payday Loans

Once in our lifetime there is time that we are low on cash. Unless you are a billionaire then you don’t have any problem like that. Pay day loans is our life saver. If your next payday is too far away and you need money right now you can get approved for payday loans just by meeting a few requirements. If you have bad credit that is not a problem, they don’t even look at your credit history or credit score for that matter. You can apply online at this Payday Loan Company now and get approved in an hour or less.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Continuation from the post below

I am the one who are not over about the whole thing. I almost lost him about having some guy friends from my high school and he didn't like it because we chat on YM. That was a year ago and over with. I don't chat with them anymore. Now he is the one who added a few ladies on his social network and always send him messages. He told me that he never answer to them but talk on the phone to one of them for an hour or so at one time.

My side to this whole thing is; we almost separate because he got mad at me when I was doing it and now he is the one doing the same thing. It makes me think that the rule doesn't apply to him. He told me that he just lost his best friend and he want the connection from everyone who knows his friend. Well so far he got 3 female there and not one male. I apologize for not understanding his feelings but if he need to connect to someone he can do it with male friends not female.

I should just delete his account without sending messages to any of his friends on his account. That's what I did when when I delete mine. And I know he will blame me about something if I don't do it his way. Or I can add my name on his profile but I have a feeling that will not be enough for me.

Oh I don't know, I should stop looking at it and get it out of my mind and just think that DH love enough (he told me so) that should be enough for me. My brain is telling me to just drop it but my heart is still mad about he did to me last year. I guess my heart is not healed from last year and doing it to me makes it raw again.

For clarification my brain is fine with the whole thing.

Auto Body Shop in CA

Would you like to have your vehicle work on? Check out the auto body anaheim, they have location nationwide just type in your zip code and you will find a local shop. When you find their sign, you will find the impeccable standard of quality that has made their name. Remember their name; Auto Body Anaheim a FIX AUTO Collision Repair Expert.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Social Network

I belong in a few social network sites. There are about 10 people from my high school days consist of men and women. My DH told me that he doesn't like that I have male friends there. So, I deleted my profile. He got mad and asked me why I deleted it. Before all of this happened he made a profile on the same network. He was actually added on mine and he was always featured on my profile. Then he feel bad and gave me his profile.

I think at the same time he made a profile on another social network. Our wedding picture is on his profile. He said he made it because of his best friend who recently passed away. After coming back from the funeral of his best friend he got 3 added female friend on his profile. I didn't say anything because I know he is still graving from his lost.

Last Friday or Saturday he got another friend request from his friend (who lives in our area) ex-girlfriend. I asked him why he approved the add, he gave an answer "because she asked". Well, isn't that the same like my high school classmates did? They asked then I approved. Then he continued with I need to get my friends' phone number from her. Which I knew about, he told while we are in Florida. I'm not sure why she didn't gave it to him then when he asked for it. There are so many twist and turn which I'm trying to figure out.

His friend and this girl was supposed to get married, they already have the date and everything. DH is supposed to be the best man. He even joke to me that I better befriend with the bride so that I would be on the wedding party too. Then DH and I become serious and his friend broke up. I told DH that the reason they broke up because DH is taken and the bride to be don't have a chance with him anymore. I know, my brain works so twisted. So, tell me another reason why they broke up as soon as they know we are getting married? Weird, I know.

Anyway, DH told me that he wanted to delete his account because it only reminds him of his best friend. And he wants me to do it, why? Because he don't want to let those 4 people know that since "I don't want my wife to have guy friends on her social network, I'm not allowed to have lady friends on mine either". Or is it, I am the man of this house and it's my rule it doesn't apply to me.

We argued, lost a week of sleep for this and I've taken a lie detector (a year ago) just to prove to him that I was not involve (and not cheating on him) with any of my high school classmates (who by the way are thousand miles away and all are married) and now the rule does not apply to him. Not to mention he almost left me because of suspicion that I cheated on him. And I prove him SO WRONG when the lie detector result came back. I am fuming! can't you tell. And then every time these ladies send him a message they always have "i love you" or "love" on the closing remarks. Mind you they live in this country (USA and my classmates lives in Asia) and one of them live half hour away. I don't do that when I send my guy friends messages. Because I know they are married and I know their wives will get mad at me if I ever say love even at the end of an email.

They are not even close from what he told me before I came along. Unless he is protecting my feeling because he knows I am very jealous. Now all of the sudden they can say love you. I told him yesterday that when I close his account I will send them the message saying "I didn't let my wife to have guy friends on her social network so I will be deleting your names on mine because it's only fair. Plus, I only made this profile because of my best friend, and since he passed on, I don't need this anymore."

This thing still makes me mad.

Global Positioning System

GPS Tracking are on everything these days. They are use for businesses to keep track of employees, vehicles, & goods in transit. It also protect and monitor your assets. Satellite asset & personal tracker if you need to monitor your property and/or equipment in remote areas. Advance GPS logger tracks anyone and anything on the planet and for personal use, to monitor your teens. Visit their site and see what else they offer.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sleeping Patterns Are Governed by Light (part 3)

Get the Light Out of Your Bedroom

It would serve you well to do a thorough “light check” of your bedroom, as any source of light -- even one as tiny as the green glow from your clock radio -- could be interfering with your ability to sleep, and more importantly, your long term health and risk of developing cancer.

While it’s typically thought that your biological clock is what tells you when it’s time to wake up or go to sleep, light and dark signals actually control your biological clock. To get more specific, a part of your brain called the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus (SCN) -- a group of cells in your hypothalamus -- controls your biological clock. And the cells that make up your SCN respond to light and dark signals.

Light actually travels through your eye’s optic nerve to your SCN, where it signals your body’s clock that it’s time to wake up. Light also signals your SCN to initiate other processes associated with being awake, such as raising your body temperature and producing hormones like cortisol.

Meanwhile, when your eyes signal to your SCN that it’s dark outside, your body will begin to produce melatonin, a hormone that helps you sleep and radically decreases your risk of cancer. There are many studies on this powerful association. The more your sleep is disrupted by light pollution, the lower your melatonin levels and the greater your risk of developing cancer becomes.

Melatonin is secreted primarily in your brain and at night it triggers a host of biochemical activities, including a nocturnal reduction in your body's estrogen levels. It’s thought that chronically decreasing your melatonin production at night -- as occurs when you’re exposed to nighttime light -- increases your risk of developing cancer.

In fact, one of the first studies linking cancer to light showed that blind women have a 36 percent lower risk of breast cancer compared to sighted women. Why? Because they are unreceptive to light. This means that their bodies maintain high melatonin levels at night regardless of how much light is in the room.

It really is a fascinating system.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cheap Car Insurance

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Monday, June 9, 2008

Left The Car On

I got so much plan to do today. And guess what? I left my car on, not engine running on but I only used the cigarette lighter and I forgot to turn it off. Now this morning we all are ready to drop my 2nd DS to the bus stop and my van don't want to start. It's DH fault (laugh) if he hasn't got me mad yesterday, I would not go outside and take a puff of his cigarette and use the cigarette lighter in my van to light it up. I know, I need to blame someone. Well, now we are home and I need to get so much stuff today.

I need to buy some window fans for the kids bedroom for air circulation, I need to go to the farm and get a few gallon raw milk we don't have much left and I need to get DH some lunch food for work.

Stupid car unrealiable when I needed it the most (laugh). Now I have to wait for DH to get home to have my battery re-charge. What a bummer!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Lap Band Surgery

At JourneyLite, the surgeons who practice in their facilities specialize in the laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding procedure, mostly commonly reffered by the LAP-BAND System. All surgery is performed laparoscopically on an outpatient basis, so you will have surgery in the morning and should be discharged to go home a few hours later to enjoy the comforts of your own bed that night. Check lap-band surgeon at if you're ready to loss weight.

Great Organizing Tips

Thanks to msculit for the tag.

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The Organizing Tip Meme
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Here is my tip:
Do not keep anything that you don't need.

I would like to Pinay Jade, Weng and Shiela.

Columbus GMC Dealers

Columbus GMC Dealers in Central Ohio area just gone online. They are the best place to find great deals on New GMC's, New car financing, and Trade Values for your current vehicle. If you are looking for the best deal on a GMC Truck in Central Ohio you don't need to look further. What are you waiting for, check them out.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I'm back!!!

I just got back home about an hour ago. Check my PPP and sure enough they have opps waiting for me. I am very tired and sleepy right now. But still have time to post a review (laugh). I will try to get some zzzz here soon and I will check everyone sites soon, I promise. I only got 2 hours rest not sleep last night. Between youngest DS whining and other kids wanting something to drink and eat I didn't have time to take naps while DH was driving.

When his time to take a nap I was very tired and couldn't go on driving and I had to rest for 2 hours. DC's missed another day of school. DD's graduation is schedule tomorrow, she missed the rehearsal yesterday.

Ok I'm off to sleep.

Radio Disney Summer Concert Series in Wildwood New Jersey

Summer is fast approaching and a lot of you probably have plans already. And for those who are just staying home at northeast part of US of A specially those who are close to Wildwood New Jersey like I check out Wildwood event in July. I know there is a lot of Things to do in New Jersey but these events are Free to the public. This will take place at the Radio Disney stage next to the Giant Ferris Wheel on Morey's Mariner's Landing pier. These are Magic Mondays - July 7, 14 and 21, show times are schedule for 1 pm and 4 pm.

Did I mention that this is a concert series? Meaning there are a few of them. If you are planning to be there you will see the following Disney Channel's stars like; Raven, Mitchell Musso, and many more. If you have plans on staying for the whole summer check out Wildwood nj hotels. I was regular at Wildwood before and after I met my husband. We stop going when we had children, but sure be back when they get a little bit older to share the fun.

School is almost over so, what are you waiting for, reserve your room now.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

On Vacation

Well, not really. We are in FL right now for the funeral of my DH bestfriend. I thought he was coming down here by himself but at the last minute change his mind and said we are all going.

I can't believe how hot is it here. I bet all the houses down here all have AC. I don't even feel like going out of the house. But I guess if we live here I will get use to it. Beat northern part of US though. I saw some farm corn yesterday coming down, I think it's somewhere in Georgia. They already have flowers and compare to my garden which is nothing coming out yet. That is the only thing i like about down south. No winter and it doesn't get very cold.

I hope I can take some picture just to say I really am in FL.