Monday, September 29, 2008

Reverse Cell Phone Lookups

Have you register you cell number with no call list yet? You should, getting unwanted calls can cause you minutes. Please visit no call list information to register. And if you want to know who are these people, that keeps calling you, try using Reverse Cell Phone Lookups service. They provide a free phone number look up for any number. Knowing who is calling you, never been easy.


Oops thanks to the commenter who said something about my post. Yes I didn't pay any attention on what they were doing and why M. Burger said that. He could have used other term than martial law on his speech. I didn't that they are not allowed to go home until the $700billion bail out thing is done. Which by the way is declined.

Again I apologize about jumping the gun here. It's been said in Army Times, like I said they don't call it martial law but that is the definition of martial law in my opinion.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Page Rank Updated

Another page rank update. I got mine yesterday after grabbing a few PR2 opps for my PR2 blog. Now that blog don't have a PR and some of my post is not approved yet. My guess those will not get approved and will be forced to delete because I will not get paid for it.

But it's not all bad news, this blog increase ranking from PR1 to PR2 (i'm glad). And my food blog got the PR3 back, I lost it in July and after three months its back again. Life is sweet, so for those who said that you will never get PR again after getting nothing, you are wrong. I got mine back.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Almost Done with Homeschooling Forms

I printed all the necessary form needed for my 2 DC's home schooling program. I also finished filling them up and I sent the medical form to my pediatrician. I'm a little upset because they told that it would be ready by Wednesday. I was expecting to pick it up on Monday but what can I do. I can't force them to sign it right there when I brought it in. So, I'm only waiting for that form and every thing should be in place. I will not be able to send it until Wednesday afternoon.

DS who is in second grade completed the placement test today. It was hard because I tend to help him too much. I had to leave the room a few times. My DD who is in kindergarten don't need to take it. I'm glad because I may not stop myself for helping.

The questions varies from grade 1 to 12. There is no "i don't know" option, so we/he skip the questions that he can't read. And some he only guess, but his guessed was the correct answer. I should mention that when I get the conference call from his personal admissions liaison.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Voice Broadcasting

Every time that there is something going on in my elementary school I get a call, reminding me of an occasion. Actually on Monday I got a call from the school principal, reminding me to not forget to sign up on the volunteer program they have running right now. Then I start talking and she keeps talking. I realized it was pre-recorded messages just like Voice Broadcast from The PTO in my children school is using the same thing. I think even collection agencies used this kind of program too.

For those of you who don’t know what voice broadcasting or robo calling check this out. This is an internet technique which allows you to make a lot of phone call across the web at one time. You can broadcast one voice message to numbers of people (mass communication). It is very easy to use and this is design to use in politics, mortgages, satellites, travel, debt, and health systems. They are available to small and large businesses. If you do at lot of phone messages this is a great company to have. Your messages can be done professionally and have it store for later use. You can always click on the links to learn more about this product.

Filling Up Some Forms

Yup that is what I am doing today. Next week is October already so I need to start the paper works for my 2 DC's home school program. We will be using Agora and this will be thru our public school. Paid for by our local taxes. I heard they will provide a computer and pay for the internet connection too. I think they would pay for dial-up and I don't think we need anymore computer, plus we have a cable internet so I don't know how is that going to work. I'm also hoping that they don't require land line because we don't have any. We basically using cell phones and before this we were using VOIP.

Ok I'm off blogging and have to finish filling up forms. Wish me luck, I don't have any idea how I'm going to do this. I guess I can follow the flow and see what happens. If this doesn't work they can always go back to regular school.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What A Honor

Thank you ms. Karen of The Pond for the award.

Here are the rules:

1. The winner can put the logo on his/her blog;
2. Link the person you received your award from;
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs;
4. Put links of those blogs on yours; and
5. Leave a message on the blogs that you’ve nominated.

I would like to nominate Rose, Carlota, Tchel, Yen, Vhiel, Princess, and Jenn. I know you don't have me in your blogroll but like the award says " I love your blog". Each and everyone of you deserve this. Grab it and post it on your blog.

Made To Measure Suits

When I still worked for the restaurant my boss sent me to a weeklong class for management. I brought all my suits and business like clothing to wear for a week. When I came back to my restaurant, my boss informed me that my instructor called him up and told him that I looked very professional and the best dressed during that whole week. My boss was very impressed. No, I didn’t have a suit made for me. I bought it pre-made and I went to a tailor and asked them to hem and make it to fit me. I can never afford a measure to fit suits. Plus the cost of dry cleaning is too much. When I worked for a financial institution they don’t the employee back for wearing a suit so, I stick on wearing business casual outfit.

My husband on the other hand has an expensive taste. He would get his suits Made to Measure because he knows it would fit him better. Plus he only buys suits once in a blue moon. If you want to have made-to-measure suits please make an appointment and visit the store to be measure, especially if you wear an odd size suits. If you live in the tri-state areas check out

Why Aren't You In The Bus?

My seven year old son was mad because his sister is not sitting next to him coming from school today. Like a mention with my post earlier, the school nurse called me to picked her up today. Poor kid probably wondering the whole time where is my sister. You need to wait for her, school bus driver. He was almost in tears while walking back to my van. Then as soon as he saw his sister he yells at her and told me that he wants to be put back to his old seat.

I thought someone at least informed him that his sister went home too, because she vomit in school today. I guessed that is a lot to expect from school employees. They would butt in on anything else but stay away on important things...geez.

Movado Museum

How many watches do you own? The reason I’m asking because I only got one and I can only wear it during formal occasions. Plus I don’t wear any jewelry every day. I still remember when I was overseas, seeing these dependant wives of high ranking militaries. All I can say is “they are a walking jewelry store”. My husband and I own a few just for a special occasions, never to prance around just to show off. I guess that depends where in the world you are. And how they the people react on what you wear.

I would suggest to wear something like a Movado museum for everyday use. It is very simple and it does not attract attention at your wrist. The picture above would be the best for my skin tone. Gold does not look very nice on me because I am tan. And I would like the bottom image to be my formal wear watch. It is very elegant for formal occasions I’m planning to attend. It is a polished 14K white gold with diamonds. With the name Movado watches you can be sure its high fashion with soft, graceful and elegant lines. Movado time pieces evoke purity of design and quality Swiss craftsmanship.

Remember Movado when shopping for wrist watch and if you shop now you can get a free watch. Check it out my friends.

School Nurse Called

As soon as I saw the phone number on my caller ID, I was certain that my 7 year old son is sick again. But I was wrong, it's not my picky eater this time. It was DD who vomit all over herself. She told me that she ate to fast that is why so vomit.

Every time something happened to any of them out side of our house I'm always thinking that I should keep them at home. So, even if they get sick they are already home. All they have to do is lay down and rest.

And what's up with rotating pencil at school? That was never a problem when I was in school...(gazillion year ago lol). They don't care how you write or erase. All they care is to passed all the subjects we are taking. Why is a kid not allowed to pass the pencil to the other hand to erase something? Why do they need to learn to rotate it in one hand? I'm lost here, they care more about the ability of a kid to hold a pencil than arithmetic, reading and writing.

Control, it's all about control.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Vegas Golf Courses

Ah, Las Vegas the Entertainment Capital of the World, according to Wikipedia. It is also known as the major resort city for gaming, shopping, and of course entertainment. You will find any type of entertainment your heart desire. And speaking of entertainment has you ever play golf in Vegas? If I can play golf like my husband I would pick Bali Hai Golf Club. From what I can see they are located right on the Las Vegas Strip. I like it because it’s close to everything. Las Vegas Golf also have Desert Pines Golf Club, which is located less 10 minutes from downtown and 15 minutes from Las Vegas. And don’t forget about the Royal Links Golf Club, their Links style course was inspired by the British Open. So, if you are planning on going in Las Vegas, visit Las Vegas Golf Courses.

Oh yea! Another Post

Anonymous said:
Rules are rules! They exist for a reason and apply to EVERYONE! That includes you.
Most people in the blogosphere do not want to be assaulted by other folks' music. Entrecard has now responded to that fact by modifying its guidelines. I applaud them for doing so.

And you will be the first one to vote for the internet regulation too. You and most people in these world. If you wanted to be control do not include me. You don't know how to live your life without rule, law, and people telling you what to do. You are these people who don't have self control to live free in this world. You are a robot, a puppet of these law maker who does not have any thing to do with the constitution.

Yes, Rules and Laws are made for a reason. To control people who likes to be controlled and are brained wash by the government. What happens to "for the people, by the people". Oh, I forgot because they are brained wash. They can't think for themselves anymore, just like you.

And wow, you came to visit again. I guess my crap is interesting enough for you because you keep coming back. It's official you don't have anything better to do with your life. And I'm liking it because I have something to write about.

Hey BK, thanks for the comment. Now I know I'm not the only one who did not receive the notice.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Just For You Anonymous

***I didn't do it, but I don't blame whoever did. It's against the entrecard rules, so why should you be mad at them? And it's really annoying, because most of us are listening to our OWN music while dropping and don't want to be interrupted by whatever crap you have playing on your site.***

Oh how nice of you to leave a message! I'm so static with your sarcasm. I did not invite you to come to my blog and drop EC, did I? You can skip it anytime my dear. I don't need your visit here, plus I paid for this domain. Do you know what that means? That means I own this crap and I can do what ever I want with this. Is that good enough explanation for you? OR should I put it that a 2 year old can understand. You must like my crap because you even commented on them, ms/mr anonymous.

BTW, thanks for the visit and you don't need to come back ever. Believe me when I say, I will not get mad at all if you will never come back.

And for those who are reading this, I didn't know that they added the music thing in the rules. I'm not a frequent visitor of EC forum so I don't have any idea. Would be nice if they send everyone a notice about it.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Ok, who tattle on my site about the music playing on the background to EC? I hope you did it to everyone who has music playing in the background because if you don't you are an @#$%^& a**h**e. This the problem with the people, they don't like one thing and the person who is authorized to make law will make such law just to make everyone else happy.

I hate people who complained about little things but NO, they don't make a law to ban those people to stop complaining, do they? SO WHY IN HELL THEY INVENTED THE VOLUME ON YOUR SPEAKERS? YOU DON'T KNOW? TRY TURNING THE VOLUME LEFT AND RIGHT AND SEE WHAT CHANGES?




Friday, September 19, 2008


DH wanted me to add his MySpace blog to my paying blog. I'm not really sure on how to do it because the blog part of MySpace don't have it's own name, just a bunch of numbers.

If you have a MySpace blog that earn money, can you give me information on how to go about doing it. I don't even know how to change the layout of the blog. Any suggestion is greatly appreciated. Just leave me a comment, and thanks in advance.

Hip Hop Videos On Your Mobile Phone

If you want to receive a hip hop news videos to your cell phone via SMS and MMS, sign at You will get the latest news and info about your favorite hip hop artist send directly to your mobile phone with no cost. Always remember that your phone carrier may charge you fees for doing so. It is easy to do, first you need to choose a video channel, second enter your mobile phone number, and mSnack will send you a short video clips to confirm your phone number including your PIN number. Once you activate, get ready to receive video snacks on your phone. Easy enough sign up today.

Brain Boosters

Berries of all types may help to protect against the breakdown of brain cells. Blueberries, in particular may help reverse memory loss and enhance spatial memory and learning, according to studies.

Leafy greens like spinach, collards greens, mustard greens, kale, and turnip greens also appear to protect against memory loss. High levels of omega-3 fats, found most readily in fatty fish like salmon and sardines as well as in fish oil supplements, appear to play a protective role in memory, too.

Research indicates that caffeinated coffee can temporarily sharpen focus and memory. One study shows that, after the caffeine equivalent of about two cups of coffee, brain activity increases in two locations, including the part responsible for memory. Another study suggests that women are specially sensitive to the effects of caffeinated coffee, exhibiting a longer-term memory boost than men who drank equivalent amounts.

Always remember that moderation is the key here. And when eating fruits and vegetables make sure they are organic. Better yet grow your own, because you know what type of soil you planted them into.

Beads Of Cambay

Let me tell about this gemstone beads store I found today. They have a vast selection of your favorite gemstone beads with different shapes and sizes. You can order online, by phone, by mail, or by fax and take advantage of their live help center when ordering. You can order with confidence from Beads of Cambay and rely on legacy of quality sourcing. They have the expertise of professional staff with experience in own mining and manufacturing facilities. This is a family own and managed company, so can make sure each customer will see and feel the difference of their superior beads and gems.

Of course I had to look around and see what I like. The images above are my favorites. The pink large potato freshwater pearls, my birth stone Peridot faceted hearts and blue Peruvian opal faceted nuggets. They look very simple and it fits my personality very well. I can't help but admire the rich colors, smooth edges and shape of these gemstones. And if you act now they offer discounts up to 30 percent on a wide range of high quality gemstone beads and freshwater pearls. They also offer a wholesale price for reseller out there. Please visit the site and check out the wholesale gemstone beads they have on stock.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

1200 EC Drop Today

Wow that is a lot, this is the first time that I dropped 1200 in a day. Don't ask me how long it took me because I didn't time it. I did it in between all my household chores including dropping the kids to school bus stop and picking them up. And one orthodontic appointment to go to. Not to mention tending to my vegetable garden. But I made, now to start my Friday drop. BTW, 1200 drops are for my 4 blogs. I guess I should stop on 4 because I don't have any idea how to drop more than that.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Custom Printed Brochures

Is it time to make some advertisement for your business? Try custom printed Brochures from vista print. You can showcase your company in full color luster. You can choose how to design it by letting their professional do it for you. Or upload your finish design and they will print it. And lastly choose their designs and customize it to your liking. Whichever you choose, you will find their services satisfactory and the lowest price guarantee. Custom printed brochures start at $39.99 per 25 sheets. You can also get an instant quote including shipping and processing costs.

With Vista Print you can make sure that the job will be done right. And for those of you that are in the hurry, you will receive your print in as few as 3 days. Vista Print is fully automated the manufacturing of brochure printing but also the manners in which brochure orders are created and submitted. That means lower costs to customers for higher quality prints. And with the coupon code “FreeBrochures08” you will get an extra 25 Free Brochures. It does not matter how big your business is, if you want your brochures done professionally Vista Print is the place to be. Please visit the site for more information and for all your printing needs.

Fight Fat With Fiber

If you're one of many Americans - including the nearly 32 percent of overweight or at-rick-of-becoming-overweight U.S. children ages 6 to 19- who struggle to keep off extra pounds, take note: Doubling fiber intake may translate to 10 pounds less in yearly weight gain. Not only does fiber prevent fat absorption, it also helps you feel full longer.

High-fiber foods help satisfy hunger partly because they require more chewing, are typically bulky, and tend to stay in digestive track longer. Some are calorie free. But most children get only half or less of the recommended amount of daily dietary fiber.

And here are some other ways for you live a healthy lifestyle. DO NOT BUY ANY FOOD WITH INGREDIENTS THAT YOU CAN'T READ OR UNDERSTAND. Anything that are not natural ingredient are not healthy for you. Eat a lot of fruit, fruits are good for you. And stay away from free made breakfast, lunch or dinner. Do not eat anything with high fructose corn syrup, fully or partially hydrogenated oil, glycerin, and mono-glycerin.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Credit Please

I do use plastic (credit card) whenever I buy something because I don’t like to carry a lot of cash in my bag. The only time I use cash is when I buy the raw milk from our friend. It’s not really credit card, it’s our bank card that I always used as a credit. I can never remember my pin number and it is easier to as a credit. I think businesses like it to because it is faster and I don’t have hold the line. And I bet they use one of these credit card processing company to process their transactions. This is great for people who are thinking about accepting credit card as a form of payment. You can try it free for 30 days before deciding getting a service from them. I think that is a great deal, don’t you?

No Time To Spare

I had been harvesting a lot of my vegetables lately. I can't find time to drop 300 EC a day for each of my blog anymore. I hope this gets better soon. Canning tomatoes takes a lot of time. I had to sterilized the jars. Then blanch the tomatoes and put them in ice water. Peel them and slice them and put them in the jar. After that add some water and lemon juice into it. Then the bathing part, 40 minutes after it boils. To much pots to wash and bowls. It doesn't help that I have such a tiny kitchen. Plus taking care of my 2 little ones, picking up the other two at the bus stop and cooking dinner, giving baths and putting them to sleep. When they finally goes to sleep I am too tired to do anything else.
At least when I home school them we don't need to leave the house until the weekend for swimming or bowling. And I only need to teach them four hours a day. Then they can do what ever they want the rest of the day. And that goes to me also. While they are doing what ever I can be online...well I hope it's that easy.

Denim Clearance Sale

The images are just a few of what denim designs I like. I’m not really a denim kind of gal but when I buy some I like it to be with stretchy materials and boot cuff. I only wear denim on winter and I wear boots 85 percent of the time. And most of the time I shop for junior or teen clothes because most women sizes does not fit me. It’s hard to find the style I want because I can’t just regular junior clothing. I want it to be a little in a conservative side. Plus I am not that young to wear teen clothing.
I also like to shop for Cheap Jeans. Anything over twenty dollars is out of my budget and I will pay that much for a pair of jeans either. I’m not a rich person who can afford name brand garments. I rather spend that money on something important. Get Heavenly offers discount clothes for $17.95 or less. They have a collection of up to date designs, you will never feel that you are wearing your grandmother’s style.
And I want you to know that they are having a denim clearance sale right now. All denims are on sale for only $13.80 online. And make sure you visit every day for their daily special.

Preschooler Stayed Home

My preschooler stayed home yesterday from school. His nose was bothering him so much because it was stuffy. It sounded like he would vomit every time he tries clearing his nose out. Depending on what the temperature outside his condition change too. Right now it's nice outside (cooler) and he seems fine. Hoping he will stay fine for school tomorrow. I know he loves to stay home but he needs some interaction from other children.

So, how's the weather in your neck of the woods?

Tactical Pants

My husband love to work outside. And even though he works outside he wants to look professional. He rarely wears short pants and if he can get away with the hot temperature he always wears long pants. But not just a regular pants, he wants durability, convenience, and efficiency. That is why I buy him tactical pants from LA Police Gear. It reinforced stitching and double fabric knees because he kneels a lot. And the double fabric seat guarantees that the seams and stress points are built for a lifetime. It would be embarrassing if he rips his pants while working. So, we need to go with the best possible out there.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Low Immune System

DS number 2 have such a low immune system. Every time it gets a little cold or hot outside he always turn that he is the first one to get it. Is there any vitamins out there that can boast a 7 year old boy immune system. He is a very picky eater, i may add. All his vegetable and fruit are made of chewable and liquid vitamins. Sometime we need to trick him about what it is for him to take these vitamins. I know we shouldn't do it that way but we need to do it for his own good. Hoping his eating habits improved soon.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Payday Loans

I found another site that can give you Cash Advance if you can’t make it until your payday comes. I knew some companies are available nationwide. From what I learn Now Get Loan is available in states of Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, and Idaho. I wonder why they are not nationwide. Maybe they are pretty new and just starting out. Who knows maybe a month from now they will launch their site nationwide. This type of loans comes in handy for people who live paycheck to paycheck.

This is good news to my readers who lives in Florida. Now they offer payday advance in Florida state. If you have a steady job and at legal age you are qualify to apply for this type of loans. You can use this loan for anything you need it for. If you need extra cash for that vacation you’re taking and to pay for groceries to last you until your next payday, or for emergency, this is for you. You can even pay it off on your next payday check with no problem. And I think would be the best thing to do. Do you want more information about this site? Please visit their site to read more about it.

Brain Wash Americans

This post is towards one of my commentators. No I didn't publish his comments rather answer it this way. Did you ever watch any video about 9/11? Did you research both side or are you basing your opinion on the extreme media? You will not get an answer from the extreme media. You are one of these American that even it's already in front of you you still don't see it.

My DH friend works at the building next to the twin tower. They are a private company nothing to do with the government. Their building didn't drop by itself. Until now it is still standing and still being use. Can you explain to me on how other two building around twin tower collapse the way demolition is done. And the building that was my DH friend work didn't even budge.

Time will come and I hope you are still alive. I will be the first one to tell you that "I Told You So". Unless you the billionaires who runs this country. I doubt it because you will not be blogging like myself if you are. People like you makes this country the way it is now. You don't care about the constitution just like the politician who are the puppets of these billionaires.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Only In United States

A lot of blog I have seen today have post about commemorating 9/11. What I would like to see is incarcerating all who are responsible starting with the president of this country. I know there are a so many money exchange with the whole thing. The rich people of this country own the politician. They are not happy with their billions anymore so they turn and start playing with American peoples lives.

They are the puppets of these billionaires. Who by the way got their billions from hard working Americans. And why these politicians not incarcerated, because they made the law nothing to do with the constitution that they are above the law. The SSS, IRS, FEDERAL RESERVE, BANKS, POLICE AND MANY more are businesses. They don't have nothing, nothing to do with the US government. But yet had the power in the world to do what ever they want because WE THE CITIZEN OF THIS COUNTRY LET THEM.

So what happened to 13th Amendment? Can you see it listed in the list of Amendments? Why can't a Sheriff pull you over when you're speeding? Because there is nothing on the Constitution about pulling someone over when they are driving over the speed limit on the road. Why can a police pull you over? Because they are a business, they get paid when you pay that ticket. If they don't pull you over they are not going to get any money to pay themselves.

Wake up people, you are also the puppets of this businesses, politicians, and billionaires. This country was form because of immigrants from Europe. They escape the socialism and control now you want it just the same. Go back where you came from, I like to be free and I like the way this country was run under the constitution.

Stop remembering the 9/11, instead start putting these evil politicians to jail.

Home Organization

Organization is the key to run your morning smoothly on the school days. Having three small children that goes to school makes my morning hectic. I need to get their clothes for the day, breakfast, and lunches. Labeling their lunch bags makes it easier for me to know whose bag belong to whom. Not to mention their school works. I may end up putting the wrong file folders in the wrong backpack if I don’t put name tags on them. I also keep all the papers they bring home from school in the folders with their names on it to keep my desk clutter free. I don’t throw them away until the week is over.

I recommend Dymo products for all the busy mothers out there like myself. I may not pick up toys everyday but I do make sure that all my children school works and bills are put away. I have folders for everything because I hate seeing school papers and bills scattered anywhere in the house. Dymo help a lot at home organization. I can also use their labels maker to organize my kitchen, I love to cook and in cooking I need a lot of spices. I don’t need to memorize each spice, all I have to do is put a label on them to tell what they are. How about you? How do you organize your home?

Fast Food Lover

We are very seldom to eat in fast food restaurant anymore. We only do it when we are traveling and short in time. We hardly buy food that are not organic and commercialize milk. I have a lot of vegetable in my garden and that is what we eat right now. It would not be for long because the cold weather is here at night.

Anyway, every time I passed a fast food place and see people there eating and even just turning from the main road I can't help but think on how these people destroying their health. All the high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oil they consume. A lot of people eat there three times a day. I know that this is very easy and cheap but they are killing themselves eating out in fast food restaurant.

Once in the blue would be fine, that is how my family do it. Planting and cooking your food is good for your health. I know not everyone can plant but at least cook it at home. Not only an exercise doing chores at home but home cook meal from scratch is the best for you. I also notice that cooking is a good exercise for my body. Because I worked for it, I am doing something not just sitting there wait for the the sound of microwave to telling me that the food is done.

Did you know that the president/chairman of FDA wanted to wipe out the American population by 85 or so percent? Look it up, you maybe surprise on what you will find out.

That is why I suggest to cook your own food and stay away from HFCS and P/FHO. And if you can't read the ingredient on food label do not eat it.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Educate Yourself About Rapid Heart Rate

I would like to share a site and hoping you will learn about Rapid Heart Rate at the same time. If your family have a history of heart problem this is a good site for you. And for those who are not feeling well and think it might be your heart you can check this also. Educating yourself about thing that you know nothing about is priceless. Research everything and always ask for a second opinion.

Database For Ban Post

I think this would be a very embarrassing situation to anyone who will get bans. I wonder if everyone can see it or only yourself. If only thyself is not that bad, but if everyone can see it I think changing my picture would be nice idea. I hope I will never get bans...knock on wood and I know since I mention it that I would be it. Crossing my fingers.

Wear Smart Glove for Carpal Tunnel Relief

Working in the restaurant as a manager brings a lot of responsibilities. From ordering, scheduling, cost control, and managing and so much more. Using keyboard and calculator is necessary on hourly basis. So, I developed a numbness and tingling feeling in my palm. I knew exactly what it was, because my co-manager had the same thing. She told me that she had an operation done but it came back after a few months. Getting an operation is out of the question because of what she said. If I would get it done I want the outcome to be good.

So instead of a surgery, I bought a two pairs of (because they get wet and I need to wear them all the time) Smart Glove for carpal tunnel relief. Wearing these gloves gives me the necessary carpal tunnel relief to do my job. I quit that managerial job and worked for a financial institution and I still need to wear them while working. I need to make sure that my wrist resting comfortable by using the smart gloves and wrist cushions for the mouse and keyboard. Did you know that they guarantee the gloves up to one year? If you find it not helping your wrists return it for exchange or refund. And if the store does not accept return, you can email Imak Products customer care. And to learn more about this product, please follow the links above.

Time For Myself

My very oh so nice FIL take out my YDS today after dropping off my three DC's to school. I'm kinda lost without kid whining on my ears. Ok, what to do first? I got so many things I wanted to do, maybe I can take a nap ha ha ha.

I will work on updating my blogs and maybe change the layout of my Kitchen if I have enough time. Oh boy, I don't know what to do first. Maybe I should go outside first and and clean our portable pool so that we can put it away for the winter.

But first I need to eat breakfast and do some EC drop. Whew, I wasted 5 minutes already.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Had A Busy Day

It's only Monday and I feel exhausted already. After dropping of the kids at the bus stop and driving my preschooler to his school I went to my shrink appointment. With my YDS in tow, he does not want to sit still. He is the typical 2 year old kid. The appointment wasn't very long but I think we waited for half hour to be seen. When I got back to my car, the people who parked behind me told me that they put in a quarter for me in the meter because the meter person was going to give me a ticket. I thank her but forgot to give her quarter back. I was in the hurry to go to pick up my preschooler. I made it in time, it took me at least half hour from my appointment to my DS school.

Then this afternoon we went to get his teeth (my preschooler) clean. This is his very first time going to the dentist and he was very good. The hygenist was very nice too. She show DS everything that she needed to use inside his mouth and she let him feel all of them too. I like her because she had so much patience in her. Plus the dentist was nice too. She gave some pointers on how to stop his thumb sucking. So we will try it and see if he will do it less and stop it all the way.

That was my busy.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rainy Saturday

It started very humid today then around 9am the shower started. I had to go out to get some stuff for the kids lunch for school. I will not be able to do it tomorrow because we are having treasure day. My PIL named it treasure day because one of my SIL is Jehovah's Witness and they are not allowed to have gift. And this is the only day we can give them gifts for every occasion and holidays.

Anyway 3 of my DC's decided that they want to come with me shopping and running errands. First stop was the bank, I needed cash for raw milk (we don't drink store bought milk of any kind). I was half way to the transaction and my preschooler wanted to go home already. I told so many times before leaving the house that he better not give me a hard time again. He promise he will be good. But like always he never kept his promise. So, the whole time we are shopping all I was doing was yelling at him. It's such a exhausting day. Why? Mind you it was raining outside.

We stop by where we buy the raw milk (last stop), it took her about 15 minutes to do the process. I guessed the milk needed to be cold (our friend, her son probably just brought the milk back not to long ago because DH called him before I left the house and said he was still milking the cows) before she can sell it to me. The whole time we were waiting they are complaining and wanted to get out of the car. Did I say it was raining?

It supposed to be a day out of the house relaxing but nope. Stressed is more like it, why can't they listened without me raising my voice. They only listened when I yell at them...argh.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Moving Company

We were thinking about moving to another state and if everything goes the way we planned it we will need to shop around for moving companies. We found one while searching for moving companies. They offer self service moving which you can load one of their trailer and they will drive it for you to your next destination (I think this is the right one for us). If you are relocating and not able to drive your vehicle they will transport it for you via car movers and for international via international movers. They will also help you find storage companies to store your household things if you don’t have any place to put them yet. Be sure to check their valuable information about relocation guides and tips before moving. We sure will.

Not That Bad

That was the exact words she about out house (laugh). I can't believe house is worth is somewhere 150K to 200K. I think we only paid less than 100K for the house. I think it's good that it's worth that much but we are set that the house is worth less than 140K. All out plans will go down the drain and time to make another plan. If this house is about 200k I hope we can do some repair and more landscape to make it in mid 200K.

We have to wait for the real appraisal, the amount she gave is just an estimate of what she thinks it worth. Hoping for a good news next week. We would like to move and buy a property that has bigger land for our livestock (that we plan on having) and a big vegetable garden.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Security Systems

As you all know I used to work for a financial institution for five years. And having a video surveillance cameras is not new to me. Everywhere I turned at work I can see some kind of camera mounted in top corner of the wall. Some shape like a night light and some are the very obvious camera shape. I think it was used to spy on us and the same time to see members coming and going. We are actually thinking about getting a set of these cameras to put around our property. If you are interested about buying security system like me, visit IT Planet. They have a wide selection of quality products and with low price guarantee.

House Appraisal Tomorrow

We finally got someone to come and appraise our house tomorrow. We have mix feeling about the whole thing. It may go both ways, low appraise to sell the house as is or high if we are willing to fix everything or maybe a few things. I need to clean tonight as soon as DH gets home. Nothing major just to pick up kids toys and put them in the proper places.

It's going to be another busy day.

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Me Myself And I

Just trying to show how long my hair was before I got it cut. I don't have any idea what kind of hair cut style I want. I told the cutter to cut it short, but I don't hink this is how short I want it. I want it shorter than the picture. She told me how about we start here and see if you like it. I hate when they d it that way. My YDS was with me and getting my 2 year entertain is very hard when I can't move much. Instead of getting it cut short this is what I end up. I guessed they are only allowed to cut certain inches for $

This one was taken in spring with enhanced eye color. So, my hair is longer than this picture. And I'm not tan here yet.

This is me now, actually this one was taken yesterday after chopping a good portion of my hair. And the picture has no enhancement, none whatsoever. But I have such tan skin here from soaking in the swimming during the hot summer.

Car Loans

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Preschooler First Day

I came in a little late because of traffic to pick up my preschooler today. As soon as I walked in the building seems empty already but I'm pretty sure I was 5 minutes late. While passing my DD old classroom someone started walking next to me. It was my DS! He was out of his classroom wondering by himself. And guessed what his teacher didn't even know that his parent is even here to picked him up. They don't have any idea that there is no parent that picked him up.

From what I understand they dismissed everyone at one time. I guessed they let them out at once to find their own parent. They never done that in the fast. They looked outside the door and see who's parent is out there waiting. Then they will call a child name. Not to mention that all the stuff are new this year. The teacher that was there last year are all gone. I'm not sure if they got all fired and hired new staff.

My son was almost in tears when he found me. I notice his eyes getting red already. Poor kid wondering for 5 minutes not knowing if I will come to get him. I might removed my child there, I don't know. They didn't even apologized for not knowing where my son was. I'm a little mad, I know it's my fault too because I was late, but come on. I like the way they release children last year. I missed the old staff, wondering where they are now, maybe they opened their own little school somewhere. Who knows.

This is what happens when I missed the orientation. I don't have any idea why everyone was gone, I could talk to the receptionist about it but I hardly see her. Probably only once a month, will she say something? I can only try.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Top EC Dropper

Once again thank you so much to the following top EC dropper for the month of August. Here they are:, The Pond, Let's Jump Together, Symphony of Love, My Opinion Counts, Lainy's Musing, and My Absent Mind. Your drops are very much appreciated!