Saturday, January 31, 2009

Supplements Can Boost Your Heart Health

  1. Soluble Fiber Get 10 to 12 grams a day to reduce cholesterol.
  2. Vitamin D Adult women need 1000 IUs or more a day in supplemental vitamin D to reach optimum blood levels.
  3. Flavanoids Berries, red grapes, onions, tomatoes, red wine, and cocoa all contain flavanoids, powerful antioxidants that protect blood vessels and even improve blood flow the the brain and heart. Don't overdo the chocolate and wine, though-an ounce of dark chocolate or 5 ounces of wine a day is plenty.
  4. Folate Getting 300 micrograms or more a day may lower your risk of stroke, as well as your risk for a heart attack. Leafy green such as kale, spinach, and broccoli are your best sources. Most multivitamin have about 400 micrograms of folic acid.
  5. Antioxidants Make sure you it from fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nuts. Stay away from supplements that can be harmful for your health.
  6. Soy Consuming about 25 grams a day of soy protein reduces your risk for heart disease. Good sources are tofu, edamame, soy nuts, and soy milk.
  7. Fish Oil Eating two serving (3 ounces each) per week of fatty fish such as salmon or sardines or taking fish oil supplements (1 gram a day) can decrease your risk of having heart attack or stroke by one-third.
Remember organic fruits and vegetables are the best for you. And make sure you buy wild caught seafood (fish and shellfish).

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tutors Needed

You may have read my dilemma about my Junior in High School who is failing math. I think we need to hire him a Math Tutor to get his grade the way it used to be. And we may as well hire a reading tutor for our 2nd grader too. With Club Z tutoring services, no child will be left behind. They offer tutoring in all core subjects like what I mention above including science and history, as well as study skills from pre-kindergarten through adult. This program can really help me with standardized test preparation for my 2nd grader too. You all know how much he hates taking test. He gets stressed just by looking how much reading and writing he needs to do. Furthermore, I read that their services is affordable. My husband and I should check them out tonight.

Grocery Shopping

I need to go out today to get some groceries. I did not bother going out over the weekend because I feel so lazy plus I wanted to drop EC all, lame excuse, I know. We are supposed to have snow again this afternoon and I'm pretty sure the grocery store will be very crowded today. Why did I wait until today to out? Argh!

I think I'll go out around lunch time, at least the children will be half way done through their classes. DH will cover while I'm out. Hoping it's not crowded when I get there, if it is my half hour shopping will take about one and a half hour. I don't really want to stay out that long. I wish they deliver and all I have to do is put my order online and wait they get here.

I asked DH to go out with a list but no luck. I wish he teach then I don't have to worry about leaving the kids at home not doing anything while I'm out. I would like to be in his shoes right now. Stay home just to watch the kids, now I have to go out and shop, put the groceries away when I get home and teach again.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Valentine's Day

We live so close to a horse boarding stable. My daughter wanted to watch the horses every time we pass it. She even wants me to stop for a few minutes just to see them. Furthermore, her grandmother promised her so many times that she will take her to a farm close to her house to ride a phony. I know they are not the same however, I think she is too little to ride a horse. We brought her to our local fair not too long ago and she enjoyed watching the farm animals including horses.

Since we are in the subject of horses Valentine’s Day is upon us, do you have an especial one to spend it with? Not to despair, try out equestrian cupid to find that certain someone. This dating site is different from others out there because this one is made for single horse lovers. This is a dating site and so much more, just check out the FREE sign-up form.

How about you? Do you have someone to spend your Valentine’s Day yet? I don’t have to worry about it because I already found my lifetime partner ten and half years ago. Furthermore, my Valentine’s Day was and always be with my family. (We can’t go out anymore; it’s hard to find someone to watch the children:).

Negative Again

I woke up this morning and this is what my morning feels like today. Mind you this is 7:39am, if I woke up earlier it would be colder than this.

Spring where are you? I guess I need to ask Mr. Punxsutawney Phil on groundhog day. I can't wait for spring.

Getting Healthy Will Cost You

Browsing at least 900 blogs a day, I can see that a lot of you already made a list of New Year’s resolutions. It makes me wonder how many actually put to start eating healthy this year. You may not know what you are putting in your body if you don’t read the ingredients. Every process food contains ingredients that are bad for your body.

I know a lot of us work hard to provide, however, by decreasing the things that you don’t need can easily solve that problem and pay more attention to your health. Furthermore, you may have to preserve vital stem cells from menstrual blood to help your future children. I don’t see any problem with that if you have the money to do so. I can tell you right now that, everyone can not afford this kind of procedure.

You can check out the pricing page if you are interested. Furthermore, do not forget the order now page if you wanted to give this as a gift to someone you know. This is an innovation for those who are looking to cure life-threatening diseases, and tired of changing medications just to feel better. You can read more about it by following C’elle website.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Heat Wave

This is from yesterday afternoon. I had to copy it from the weather bug. Our driveway is almost melted and the front of the garage that gets the sun in the hottest part of the day is gone. We have a gravel driveway, and when the sun does not heat the rocks the ice will not melt. It takes a while before we get an ice free driveway.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Car Parts Warehouse

It's time of the year again to change the spark plugs on my van. Thank goodness to car parts warehouse. I can save a lot by buying parts for our vehicles. Having one income coming to our household left little for car maintenance. Furthermore, it pays to have a friend that knows how to service a car and that is additional saving for not paying the full price at the service garage. Buying car parts online is truly a lifesaver, visit them at and get a free shipping with your orders.

Ready For the Weekend

I have been ready for the weekend since yesterday. Driving my DD to her AIMS testing place and DS taking his Scantron test one day last week and the this pass Sunday, drained a lot of my energy. Mostly my DS who is being so difficult about reading. He can read just find but refuses to do so.

Good thing there is juice left in my brain to get around his laziness. He did very good after getting over the refusal stage. Today he tried to play the same thing, however I kept telling him that he will not pass second grade unless he does his lessons. Thank goodness to DH help, we are probably still doing his school work right before bed time.

I hope tomorrow is a better day. I hope so, because it's Friday and he will be allowed to stay up longer just to play computer games. If not his whole weekend and mine will be ruin. I don't have any plans but to rest and get ready for the week coming.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Beautiful Younger Looking Skin

Beautiful younger looking skin can be achieved by taking care of your health and eating the right food. Furthermore, you can also use an Anti-Aging Products from iDerma to get the best result. They are clinically formulated for all types of skin. They have skin products from moisturizers to make up and everything in between. Check it out and get free shipping on orders over $75.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Have You Seen This?

And I can't believe bloggers are still grabbing with these prices. Well I am a blogger but not for that amount. It's not even worth it. Google ads pay more than that and they pay you per clicks. Oh my...:(.You can see that there are four opportunity available to since I woke up this morning and the rest are taken.

Not having PR does not help either. I may have to find some other type of work at home gig.

Warm Temps No Where to be Found

Look at the temperature in my town for the next nine days. Brrrr or should i say BRRRRR (lol) and look at the temperature tonight...whaaat...FRIGID! I guess I better dress my kids in more layer to keep them warm while sleeping. Please click the images to see it bigger.

The only good thing about this is looking forward to Spring. Have a great weekend everyone and send some heat wave my way...ha ha ha.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Yeast Can Create Havoc in Your Life

Have you read about it yet? Women who are using an oral contraceptive is more likely to get yeast infection than those who are not. Yes, that's right Google it if you don't believe me. Not only that will cause yeast infection but together with other diseases out there.

Now I know why when I was younger that I always get yeast infection. Never it dawned to me that the oral contraceptive is the one bringing the infection in. A lot that I knew those days...not. Furthermore for all the young ones out there, start taking care of yourself while young. A huge benefit when you get older.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Formatted Hard Drive

I have been complaining to DH about my computer because every time I drop EC my computer freezes up. He was been asking me if he can clean/wipe it clean for about a year now and I kept telling him no. However I can't take it anymore and I told him to go ahead and clean it. He loves to do computer stuffs and he does not mind a bit.

Now I have a clean hard drive. All the plug ins that are not wanted are gone and I have a nice clean, free of clutter computer. It runs much better after getting all the program downloaded, all the browser I wanted (I am using three browsers, not all at once only sometimes). We got my computer from Dell and all the stuff Dell put in are all gone...nice. Only the stuff I wanted are left, it feels like having a new computer again.

DH clean it yesterday, however while updating everything from Microsoft our cable modem died. I was telling DH that the internet don't want me to update anymore...ha ha ha. We found out this morning that our modem and router are working fine. Somehow one of the little ones (we think) played with the wires and switched everything with us. We found phone line hooked into the router and every Ethernet cable was moved where they are not supposed to be.

Darn kids, we had no internet from 5pm yesterday until 8am today. We called the cable company and told us that our modem is working fine, that was then when we start looking at all the wires. And sure enough found the problem. Ah kids, we can't leave them for a minute. I think DH and I had an internet withdrawal last

Monday, January 5, 2009

Toy From Christmas

Wow, such a nice day to start our first day back to school from the holidays. Everything went well on our first day because I always expect the worst. My two kids worked well on sharing my attention during class and one of them plays with their younger sibling with toys from Christmas, while I work with the other one. One toy in particular is a magnet building set for them to share, just like the image I include with this post. They can play with them for hours and make so many designs they want. Even our new cat plays with them when my kids make a long chain and pulling then around the house.

These items can easily find at amongst other toys. You can browse by age, brands, price, categories, and themes. Did you know that you can also play games there? Yes, all you have to do is set up a user name and password and you can enjoy every game that is available. My daughter enjoys coloring the drawing games and making different lines, shapes, color combination with the blank canvas as well as printing the finish art. She is home school and doing extra activities out of school works makes it fun for her. Come and visit their site and see what activities your young ones can do.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Two More Days

I can't believe the two weeks winter vacation is almost over. I think I need two more to get back into my schedule. At least winter is here and now I can look forward to spring. Meaning Looking forward to a warmer temperature, flowers and starting my vegetables garden again. See, looking it the way I do is not that bad...he he he.

Ah spring I can't wait, I try not to think about groundhog day, ash Wednesday, and St. Patrick's day because that would make everything slower. Just like everyone thinking about Christmas at the beginning of October.

Ok, I better get every Christmas decoration put away and get ready for Monday. Back to school for all of us, in my household that is. Sun is shining brightly and I'm ready to tackle cleaning the house.

Friday, January 2, 2009

End Of Year EC Top Dropper

Thank you again to all top EC dropper for December. And for those that did not make the list thank you also. Instead of putting all the cards on my side bar I made a slide show from photobucket with fireworks in the background.

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bye to the Old Hello to the New

I know this the the time to make a New Year resolutions, however I am the one who always go against the flow. I don't make any resolution, but I do try to make myself a better person each and every day. Resolution is just a list. Have a BLESSES NEW YEAR to all my friends, readers, and co-blogger.