Friday, January 9, 2009

Formatted Hard Drive

I have been complaining to DH about my computer because every time I drop EC my computer freezes up. He was been asking me if he can clean/wipe it clean for about a year now and I kept telling him no. However I can't take it anymore and I told him to go ahead and clean it. He loves to do computer stuffs and he does not mind a bit.

Now I have a clean hard drive. All the plug ins that are not wanted are gone and I have a nice clean, free of clutter computer. It runs much better after getting all the program downloaded, all the browser I wanted (I am using three browsers, not all at once only sometimes). We got my computer from Dell and all the stuff Dell put in are all gone...nice. Only the stuff I wanted are left, it feels like having a new computer again.

DH clean it yesterday, however while updating everything from Microsoft our cable modem died. I was telling DH that the internet don't want me to update anymore...ha ha ha. We found out this morning that our modem and router are working fine. Somehow one of the little ones (we think) played with the wires and switched everything with us. We found phone line hooked into the router and every Ethernet cable was moved where they are not supposed to be.

Darn kids, we had no internet from 5pm yesterday until 8am today. We called the cable company and told us that our modem is working fine, that was then when we start looking at all the wires. And sure enough found the problem. Ah kids, we can't leave them for a minute. I think DH and I had an internet withdrawal last


Karen said...

I would have been having withdrawel symptoms for sure!

Carlos said...

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