Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Grocery Shopping

I need to go out today to get some groceries. I did not bother going out over the weekend because I feel so lazy plus I wanted to drop EC all, lame excuse, I know. We are supposed to have snow again this afternoon and I'm pretty sure the grocery store will be very crowded today. Why did I wait until today to out? Argh!

I think I'll go out around lunch time, at least the children will be half way done through their classes. DH will cover while I'm out. Hoping it's not crowded when I get there, if it is my half hour shopping will take about one and a half hour. I don't really want to stay out that long. I wish they deliver and all I have to do is put my order online and wait they get here.

I asked DH to go out with a list but no luck. I wish he teach then I don't have to worry about leaving the kids at home not doing anything while I'm out. I would like to be in his shoes right now. Stay home just to watch the kids, now I have to go out and shop, put the groceries away when I get home and teach again.