Monday, January 5, 2009

Toy From Christmas

Wow, such a nice day to start our first day back to school from the holidays. Everything went well on our first day because I always expect the worst. My two kids worked well on sharing my attention during class and one of them plays with their younger sibling with toys from Christmas, while I work with the other one. One toy in particular is a magnet building set for them to share, just like the image I include with this post. They can play with them for hours and make so many designs they want. Even our new cat plays with them when my kids make a long chain and pulling then around the house.

These items can easily find at amongst other toys. You can browse by age, brands, price, categories, and themes. Did you know that you can also play games there? Yes, all you have to do is set up a user name and password and you can enjoy every game that is available. My daughter enjoys coloring the drawing games and making different lines, shapes, color combination with the blank canvas as well as printing the finish art. She is home school and doing extra activities out of school works makes it fun for her. Come and visit their site and see what activities your young ones can do.


Hapi said...

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