Saturday, January 3, 2009

Two More Days

I can't believe the two weeks winter vacation is almost over. I think I need two more to get back into my schedule. At least winter is here and now I can look forward to spring. Meaning Looking forward to a warmer temperature, flowers and starting my vegetables garden again. See, looking it the way I do is not that bad...he he he.

Ah spring I can't wait, I try not to think about groundhog day, ash Wednesday, and St. Patrick's day because that would make everything slower. Just like everyone thinking about Christmas at the beginning of October.

Ok, I better get every Christmas decoration put away and get ready for Monday. Back to school for all of us, in my household that is. Sun is shining brightly and I'm ready to tackle cleaning the house.


Military Wife said...

Happy New Year! My Christmas Decor is already gone. I took it down sooner that usual this year. I am ready for spring too.