Sunday, January 25, 2009

Valentine's Day

We live so close to a horse boarding stable. My daughter wanted to watch the horses every time we pass it. She even wants me to stop for a few minutes just to see them. Furthermore, her grandmother promised her so many times that she will take her to a farm close to her house to ride a phony. I know they are not the same however, I think she is too little to ride a horse. We brought her to our local fair not too long ago and she enjoyed watching the farm animals including horses.

Since we are in the subject of horses Valentine’s Day is upon us, do you have an especial one to spend it with? Not to despair, try out equestrian cupid to find that certain someone. This dating site is different from others out there because this one is made for single horse lovers. This is a dating site and so much more, just check out the FREE sign-up form.

How about you? Do you have someone to spend your Valentine’s Day yet? I don’t have to worry about it because I already found my lifetime partner ten and half years ago. Furthermore, my Valentine’s Day was and always be with my family. (We can’t go out anymore; it’s hard to find someone to watch the children:).


Cacai_Nad said...

Whew... Valentines Day is coming! heheh.. Yeah I have someone like you.. heheh.. Anyway, thanks for the add in fs and visiting lately on my page blog. And it's just now that I added again all your 5 blogs! My blog list screwed up as I change the template and this is my 3rd time to add all your sites my friend and all of my lists. At least I know now how to so it won't screwed up again, right? It's a lesson for me and to tell u it's hard.. but now I can say I'm good with it already and thanks god. So then, happy blogging my friend. Try to visit again and add on ur 5 blogs huh? Have a pleasant day my friend and advance happy valentines day!

it's me,

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