Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Construction Equipments

A few days ago my husband found a used digger derrick on the internet. As I mentioned in my earlier post in my other blog, he is affected by the recession and maybe jobless when the spring comes. Now he is looking for any used equipments to use for his new business venture. He found the above item and a used dump truck not too long ago however; it is too far of a drive to pick it up. Furthermore, I have to come along to drive one truck back. When you have children it's hard to just leave the house. We don't have any relative that can help us very soon.

He is hoping to find another place to buy them from and closer this time. We can see a lot of business going out business these days, and we are always in the lookout for any equipment that we can afford and use for his business. The digger derrick is a nice equipment to use when digging for a well. We can use this back home to have our own water system going into the house in the boonies, if he ever agrees to move there with me and the whole family. He always says that, the only reason not wanting to move there is the language barrier. I wish I can speak my language well enough to teach him however, I can't. I may as well talk to him in my own language now to get him use to it (teach him what I know now and work on the rest later when we get there). What do you think?