Thursday, February 5, 2009

DC Schedule

I wanted to spice up DC classes this week. We tried doing one subject a day and it works fine for everyone, except for DD who is in Kindergarten. She is doing fine with all of her subject except for phonics. She can memorize the words on only 5 hours class. I think I have to break it out into two times a week.

I benefited a lot with lesson blocking and it takes less time. We don't have gather everything we needed for five subjects a day. We only have to gather supplies for one subject. DS only have 2 subjects tomorrow because he wanted to finish early today. However, since there is only one lesson in LA to finish the whole unit, we are doing LA tomorrow. We can start a new unit on Monday.

DD have one extra lesson because she is still learning phonics. She know all of it but she is learning how to put the sounds together. She is doing 3 lessons tomorrow to finish the unit in Science. We could have finish today and off tomorrow but like I said above DS wants to stop early today. Furthermore, DD decided to do the same thing.