Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Getting Use To...

Did I mention I hate winter? Yes, probably a few more times than last year. It is still cold here in the north part of my country. Once in the blue moon we get a heat wave of 48° F and I'm happy with that. Anything above freezing I am always thankful.

Since the winter started, I wore two pairs of socks. It kept my feet warm until last weekend. My feet started itching and I can't wear two pairs anymore. My feet finally caught up when it sweats. I think I'm starting to have an athlete foot. I do put a socks right after taking a shower and I think I over did it. Now, I dry my feet with a blow dryer before putting them on and sometimes I don't wear socks anymore, I have to get use not wearing socks again. I just wear a hoodie to keep the heat in. Hoping to get my feet back to normal. It does not bother me much, but when it does it drives me crazy. I only used the foot powder once when I went out grocery shopping on Sunday.

I can't wait for spring, my feet had it with winter.


Shimumsy said...

me too, can't wait for spring and the daylight saving time first week of march. right now, we are at 24 degrees. sucks!

Nedekcir said...

I think your side of the woods is still warmer than mine. I just can't get used to winter however, like you said spring is almost here.