Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rose Birthday Contest

I don't have much to say today. I need to go grocery shopping but I'm still in front of my pc procrastinating. My DH rub on to me too much lol. Anyway, please join Ms. Rosemarie's contest below. Happy Sunday!


First Prize:
Thoughts of a SAHM - $15
The Artist In Me - $5
DesignsNscrap – blog layout [blogger only]
My Journey – 3,000 ec credits
Celebrate Life – 1,000 ec credits
Chuchie's Hideaway - 1,000 credits
Weblog Designs – 500 ec credits and 1 month add space on the following blog:

Second Prize:
My Daily Thoughts and Moods - $10
A Momma’s Journal - $5
DesignsNscrapL0 – blog layout [blogger only]
My Journey – 2,000 ec credits
Celebrate Life – 1,000 ec credits
Chuchie's Hideaway - 1,000 credits
Thoughts of a SAHM – 500 ec credits
Life Expressions – 1 month add space in all her blogs

Third Prize:
My Journey - $ 10
DesignsNscrapL0 – blog layout [blogger]
Thoughts of a SAHM – 2,000
Celebrate Life – 1,000
My Journey - 1,000
Chuchie's Hideaway - 1,000 credits

My Life Perception’s and Inspiration – fashion watch see link [for US winner only]

Here is the contest mechanics:
1.Copy the contest mechanics and prizes in your post.
2.Put the logo in the blog post and in the side bar.
3.Answer the following questions:
a. When is the exact date of her birthday [clue----> March]
b. How old is she.
4. The top 3 who got the right answer are winners which will be announce the following day on her b-day.
5. The contest will end at 12 midnight on her b-day.
6. In case, no one got the correct answer at the end of the contest, she will let her son pick the 3 winners.

Here are my answers:
3. a)March 16
b)Turning 29


Prettymom said...

Thanks eden for joining, please leave your answer in my post as a comment.ty again

Nedekcir said...

Ok, will do.