Saturday, February 7, 2009


It's not even a month after DH and I cleaned up/start from scratch computer now, I got 5 virus lingering in my hard drive. I am using AVG however, I can't get rid of it. DH had it for a few weeks now, then I got it today. First it was my window messenger (i deleted the program now I don't have any messenger), then something about the double click and then two from firefox.

Now I'm off to find a free virus scan that will get rid of it. I can't afford to pay for any thing like that. Maybe I should clean my pc again. I just hated re-installing everything after all the cleaning. If that's what it takes to get rid of this virus I will do it. My IE8 is not opening either, I am using firefox and chrome right now. It sucks!


windmill said...

Hi Nedekcir,

Saw and read you Post about your Computer being infected. If you have not yet found or done anything regarding your present problem with your Computer virus...

Go to these links to download.

1. Avast Anti Virus

(there are three AntiVirus at that page for download. Choose Avast. I changed mine to Avast because I found AVG that I have been using for several years not as good as it used to be. Avast is FREE. After installing Avast, you send them an email requesting for a Key Code which is given FREE to register your installed copy)

2. AdAware

This is reasonably effective to clean out Malwares.

3. AVG AntiSpyware

I have uploaded this at my webhost for your to download. Go to this link to download it.

AVG AntiSpyware is no longer available at AVG but I had this copy with me for keeps. AVG discontinued AntiSpyware as a single separate unit and in their later AntiVirus upgrades, included AntiSpyware with it.

The above three are good enough protection although there are some pretty bad stuff like Trojans that can't be removed by any of those three. It gets tougher and tougher with hackers evolving more resilient malwares.

There are other useful Computer maintenance programs that I have and use with great effectiveness and ease. I shall find time tonight to upload these specially for you to use on your Computer.


iceah said...

kami din we need to reformat din naman ang computer namin :c

Nedekcir said...

Hi WM, Thank you so much. I DL all three and showed it to my DH and he started laughing at me.

When I'm away like shopping he always goes into my PC and do whatever pleases him. Last month before cleaning up my hard drive he turn on a sound when closing anything in my PC.

While I was cooking on Friday afternoon he went on again and turned on this feature on AVG. I mention to him that, that is what you (DH) told me last time when I saw it pop-up on your pc. Now he was telling me that "he forgot that he turned it on on his pc also". He got too much time in his hands and he does not know what to do with it but mess with our pc's. I did smack him (gently) on the head after that... He was out all day Saturday in a meeting and I posted this without telling him.

He drives me nuts, changing anything he wants without telling me. I told him after buying my pc to stay away but it only lasted 1 year. When he runs out of something to do and get bored then he will start reformatting every computer in the house, add, remove, upgrade what ever. The last one, I really don't mind. However, he find it amusing to play with my mind.