Wednesday, February 4, 2009

YDS Graduated Speech Classes

At least that is how DH put it. He is funny when it comes to these things. This is an update about my post a year ago @ Early Intervention. It's a good news, he does not need the therapy anymore. He is not 100% but the county only covers certain delays and he does not fall to their category anymore.

I am so glad that no one will come ones a week in my house anymore. Relatives and friends are always welcome however, people who works for the county and school district I don't like. They will see things that are done differently and they will report it through the child services then we are one kid less.

I remember one indecent, when she came in while YDS is finishing his hot tea. He could not believe that he drinking tea. I will bet anything that she don't have any problem seeing a child drinking soda or sports drink. She don't even know what kind of hot tea that my YDS is drinking. I don't like people who works for these organizations.

Ok I'm done

Let's get back to regular programming here. YDS score 1 point lower at receptive and 4 points on expressive, all others are in the appropriate age score.