Thursday, March 5, 2009

Colloidal Silver

Great to use when you have cold or flu.

In the other news, have you heard about the bird flu virus found leaving Canada? It makes me wonder where they are planning on putting it and what country they are suppose to be going. Mind you this will not get into your birds/poultry unless someone actually put it there for you to consume. I will be very careful buying poultry these days.

The elite of the world is coming fast. Remember they only wanted the population of this world to be 500,000. And I will put my 2 cents here: If you put the whole population in the state of Texas, living like the people in Brooklyn we will all fit there and the rest of the world is a place to get food to feed the whole population.

Anyway, lets get back to colloidal silver, this is one type of silver that can cure the bird flu virus if ever. Just letting you know to buy a few of these true colloidal silver, ionic silver, and silver protein to protect your family.

That's all from me today, take care of your family in time of needs.