Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Do you Eat Raw Food?

Anything any kind, fruits, vegetables, and meat. I don't really mind eating raw eggs made in eggnog however, I don't think I can eat raw meat. My parents eat raw fish back home because they catch it themselves. I will never eat the fish from the local grocery store.

It is supposed to be good for human. Cooking food destroy the valuable enzymes in food. This is why I wanted to grow my own poultry and cow. We consume raw milk right now and adding my very own eggs there will be so much healthier. I can tolerate eating raw vegetables however, being an Asian decent it would be hard on my stomach. I cook steak medium rare and sometimes medium well. We can't get pass the bleeding piece of meat on the plate.

People with big land are very lucky. They can easily grow their own food weather permitting. Our property used to be zone as agriculture and business. Our very loving township change it to residential because they can, without asking the people. However, they held a meeting to let us know that they change the zoning. Nice aren't they...


The Mother said...

I eat raw beef. Steak tartare is great.

Poultry--unh-unh. Salmonella STILL pervades the American poultry industry. We're probably still 10 years away from eradicating it.

Same problem with eggs. A few bites of raw cookie dough isn't enough to make you sick, but I wouldn't chow down on raw eggs. Unless you buy the irradiated ones.

Nedekcir said...

Thanks The Mother for your comment. DH just mention to me that he can eat ground beef that are made for meatballs. Not a plain beat.

I will trust my own grow chicken for the egg than the one I buy in the store. But the egg will be in the form of eggnog. My parents tried to put one down my throat when I was little but no luck. I vomited just the smell of it. They are however home grown chicken who laid those eggs.

Maybe you can give how to prepare the steak you are talking about. I can really use the practice.

Flo said...

How about sushi? When I ate sushi for the first time, all my apprehensions about raw food flew out the window. It's so yummm!!!

Soulful Scribbles

Nedekcir said...

Yes Flo they are included.