Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Here are The Pics

Most of these are a dollar each, except for the box copy papers and the index card. I just notice now that we have so much pens. Oh well, DH can use them in his business.

These are from two trips to Staples. The first day DH could not find the copy papers so, I went back the second day and look for them patiently while my 3 rumbustious boys running around the store.

We got 2 boxes of copy papers, 2-5/packs of Bic highlighters, 1-2/pack retractable pen, 2-3/packs Pilot ball gel pens, 2-4/pack Bic ballpoint pens, 4-12/boxes Bic pens, 1-12/box of #3 pencils, 1 200 sheets little notebook, 4-4/packs of glue sticks, 1-500/pack index cards, 2-12/packs manila envelopes, 2-3/packs writing pads, 4-24/boxes crayola crayons, and 2-12/packs soft grip binder clips.

Regular price: $189.48
Spent: $94.30
Rebates: $27.98 waiting
to get from the mail
After rebates: $66.32
Savings: $123.16