Monday, March 16, 2009

Microsoft Vista

My husband is always at the top when it comes with computer, software's, and anything to do with the computer. We have a few personal computers at home plus the school computers that my cyber schooler uses. Four of the personal computers are equip with Microsoft Office 2007, we got two copies from the launching of Microsoft Office 2007, and we bought one for my oldest son. He mostly uses it for school papers and lab reports.

They offer:
- 100% Authentic Microsoft products at academic discounts
- Microsoft Office 2007 from $99, Vista Upgrade from $89
- Friendly customer service.
- Buyers provide academic eligibility and after that the product is shipped
- Gift certificates that are a great way to give especially during back-to-school and holiday seasons

I feel that buying Authentic Microsoft products to use at home is a chance to get my children to know how to use them when they get a job. Furthermore, did you know that if your child goes in public school, you can have a tax deduction if you buy software, hardware and school supplies up to $250.00?


deejay said...

current tax regulations in the philippines has no tax deduction when buying software, hardware when your children enrolled at public school. i hope in the future this could be of help if included in the revision of laws, for parents like us will lessened our burden.

Cacai_Nad said...

Hi Te Eednik, vista is nice I recommend too. My laptop which I use is vista. And it's cool and good to use. btw, I have an award for you. Please check out my recent posts. Hope u will grab it. muahhugs. see yah there... ty

Nedekcir said...

Thanks for the comment Cacai, I will check it out later. Have a great day.

Nedekcir said...

Thanks for the comment deejay, I should be more precise when writing. In the US we can deduct school supplies from our taxes. There are a other stuff but finding it, is like looking for a needle in hay stack.(in my opinion).