Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"Sabon" Tagalog Word for Soap

I can’t believe that I will come across the word Sabon in the US. Furthermore, I did not even know that some tagalog words I am using came from Israel and not mostly from Spaniards. Wow, I learn something new by browsing the internet tonight. What’s interesting about this is, they actually used the word as a name of their business. And guess what they sell, you got it… body products. Not just body products, the best part of their products are made from natural ingredients. And we all know that natural ingredients are the best for our body, it’s been proven many times.

While browsing their products I found their selection of body scrubs amazing. Like the hippie chic dreams of starry night and the sounds of waves from metropolitan home. She enjoys all things earthly and natural, but with the twist of modern chic. How about the studying starlett who is a committed coed with her head on her shoulders and does everything with a flair for life. She keeps up with trends but always true to herself. I can say that my personal favorite is the do-it-all-mommy. She is up early, up late and somehow manages to do it all with the ease of a summer wind. She craves indulgent moments and treasures pure simplicity. The classic gentleman is perfectly fitted for my husband. It describe as a sophisticated man with modern ideas and natural instincts. He is not afraid to standout and makes a statement, while remaining a perfect gentleman. (That is why I love him so much.) Queen bee is the essence of the family and proudly wears her favorite fragrances with an air of sophistication. Her classic attitude and rich wisdom make her vibrant and young.

Sabon scrubs can be find at These products are great for restoring our youthful and shining skin, please check out their Sabon.