Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Are you Ready to Quit?

This is an update about my post here. This is not about me, this is about DH addiction and this is not a paid post. I wanted to share about our experience with a anti-depressant drug that is helping my DH to stop the bad habit.

If you are ready to quit the bad habit, get an appointment with your doctor to get a prescription for this drug to quit smoking. Its been a week since DH quit and so far so good. He quit twice since we got married and this time is very different because of CHANTIX.
He does not have the mood swings, the grumpiness, and the depression. Before he goes in-front of his computer and does not come out unless I ask him to do something for me or when it's time to eat. I am very happy that he tries this drug. We are not fond of doing things in very un-natural way however, we will try anything once. If you are ready try this.

And for those who are not ready to kick the habit, I would suggest to buy your own rolling machine to make your own cigarettes. You will save a lot more when you do. And if you are interested, I can sell you DH rolling machine. And buy your own tobacco to roll. You can find all of these in your local tobacco store.
You can also find tubes for regular, mint, and lights. This is only a suggestion to save you money if you can't kick the habit. I will also suggest to switch to more natural tobacco just like the image below.
If you have any questions let me know. I'm here to help out everyone who are ready or not to make the healthier choice. With the price of cigarettes these days make the choice to save money and to not support this corporation making more money everyday from our hard earn dollars. Even better if you can plant your own tobacco. However, not all of us is lucky to have our own land to plant into.


Wanda said...

Congratulations on your husbands progress being smoke free. My husband also stopped a week ago. He is using the Nicoderm patches and doing very well with them.
I'm glad to see a lot of people have stopped smoking in the last few weeks!
Take care and have a great day!

Kate Burton said...

Just a suggestion. If you have not tried quitting before you can try using Wellbutrin which is available as a generic, costs less and has fewer of the uncommon but scary side effects of Chantix.

However you do it, GOOD LUCK!

Nedekcir said...

Hi Kate, he quit a few times already, the 1st time took him 3 years then less the second time. Now I hoping for good.

Nedekcir said...

Thanks for the comment Wanda,yes I think he blog about it. He still have nicotine patches from the last time lying around the house somewhere. Like I mentioned he is much better this time. I wish this time is for good.