Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cold or Allergy

I totally forgot about spring does to me. When I was younger I did not have any problem in spring. Now that 30's is almost gone I developed some kind of allergies. I know there are so many over-the-counter med out there but they are not for me. I like the sneezing, itchy nose and teary eyes every now and NOT.

However, I am not taking drugs. Actually if I stay outside all day I'm fine and as soon as I go back inside the stuffiness and sneezing attack. Dust allergies maybe, oh well it will be over soon. I just hate sleeping when I can't use my nose to breath.


Pat said...

Have you ever tried using a netipot? My husband was skeptical but so miserable that he finally caved. He hasn't had a sinus infections in months as a result. Good luck! :)

Just Dream said...

I have dust allergy too, its hard to sleep when we cant stop sneezing. Hope u get well soon