Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dentist Appointment

DC #3 and #4 had a dentist appointment yesterday. They have a few tartar here and there but nothing major. Of course they will tell you to help your children to brush and floss their teeth. That they needed to take fluoride to make their teeth strong.

You know me, I'm against anything that is not natural and fluoride is one of them. I gladly smiled and I told them sure, I will buy them fluoride. And that prescription went straight in the garbage when I got home. I'm sorry, I did not grow up with fluoride and guess what, I still have all of my teeth. Except for the 4 wisdom teeth I needed to let go because it was growing the wrong way. And extra other two because my mouth is over crowding. My O.D.S. can't put braces unless he takes some teeth out. So, I have 6 less teeth than normal people but they are strong and no cavity.

In my opinion my children don't need fluoride and I am the living proof of that.


Aimee said...

hahaha! they're just advertising... haha.. i don't even believe this thing about fluoride..

Nedekcir said...

Thank for commenting Aimee, I'm not really sure where you are. However here in US they will try to sell you everything to earn money. They will even go as far as scaring you or the worst, report you to social services if you don't follow what they tell you to do about your children. You will be surprise.