Monday, April 27, 2009

Have You Heard?

Have you heard about the new PayPerPost v4.0? If not you are in luck, just go to their blog and leave a message with your email address and wait for the alpha key. I did just that on April 17, (by the way, I was the number 55 commenter to get the key to sign up) and now I'm officially a member.

I like the new set-up. I can add all the blog I wanted, no approval needed. Pick what category (more category are in the works from what I read) and pick the link type. If I wanted no follow, do follow or both. I can also choose how much I wanted to get paid per post and per words. Moreover, page rank and real rank is not important, the only important thing is the percentage of completed transactions (this is what I like the most).

Remember this is pretty new and for invited users only since April 15. Any glitch or problem you get make sure you tell them. Furthermore, make sure you read the frequently ask question first before asking questions. And before I forget here is the Izea blog link to get your Alpha Key.