Friday, April 3, 2009

A Must Item

I posted about my husband starting a business a few times here before. He is doing fine, he works for his company a few times a week and help his friend with his own business the rest of the week. He is earning from his company and earning a little from helping his friends. He knows it will be a slow start because of our economy however, he is glad that he has costumers.

He still has some ads running in the local papers, and he has two boxes of business cards left, he used one box so far. The card is very simple. Printed on it are the company name, his name (owner), phone number, address, and lists of what services, he offers, plain and simple on a white card. He is already thinking about what images he will add later when he runs out. I told him to try Vista Print next time and maybe get some free extra to save some money. He already Bookmarks the site and browsing through their designs right now.

He still needed his own equipment however, since he is helping his friend he can borrow some from him when he needed anything that he don't have. He planned on buying what he needed as soon as he gets the first payment from his services rendered. Out budget will be tight for the next month, but we will manage. He needs to spend money to make money in his profession. I am glad that he finally got his business going. He planned it for a few years and he finally gets the courage to do so. I’m proud of you.

If anyone of you needs business cards, banners, postcards, folded invitations, small window decals, notepads, letterheads, sticky notes, and custom printed caps check out Vista Prints.