Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Teenager

We always talk to him on how eating right is very important. He would talk to his friends how important it is to eat food that are made with natural ingredients. However, when it comes to his own somehow it does not apply. I don't think he even understood what we are teaching him. He would come home from school with a few bottles of soda. I will say something and he will say "i know". I would like to give him a good beating one of these days.

Mind you he is the only one left that can reproduce from his father side. His Uncle died from chromes disease. Would you think he will healthier because of that...nope. He got one cousin who is a girl and adopted step sister. That's it, and he act like he knows everything at 17 years of age. I don't listen to my parents at that age, but I do listen about health issue and what my parents stand for.

From what he is doing to himself now, can be very much regret later. Teenagers can be difficult sometimes and this is only the beginning. I have four more to follow.


Sarah said...

Hi, glad I've found your blog. I have teenager too. Yes, that's true eating the right kind of food is very important.
My son like to eat vegetables.

Blessings to you always

Shawie said...

wow! it's going to be tough but good thing, you still impose some rules. They might not seem to listen to you but deep inside, they do^-^... it just needs more push, more guidance...
happy TGIF!

Nedekcir said...

Thanks for the comments Sarah and Shawie.

I sure hope you are right Shawie.