Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Stereo Typing

"It was an awe seeing so many nurses came from PI", my DH proclaimed. How come you are not one? There are always the odd ones and I'm one of them, I answered. You will be surprised too, have you met a family of nurses. There are a lot of them.

Maybe it is in our blood to be caring for those who needed it the most. I don't know however, growing up there I notice that most of us take care of our elderly. We don't put them in the nursing homes like people here in the US. Maybe those who lives in the cities and have a high paying job or those who are smooching from the taxpayers money (bato-bato sa langit ang tamaan, I can care less). I lived in a very quiet island and have no idea how they do it in the main land.

Anyway, DH and I are worry about his parents. Don't get me wrong his father had a white collar job (retires way after his retiring age) and set for life in retirement fund before the wall street bellying up (you know what I mean). We are worry that he does not have enough to last. So we agree that we will adopt both of his parents when our economy goes under.

DH was saying that he don't how to take of old people and I told them that we do it back home. But you are not a nurse, yes I am not, but it's in my blood somewhere deep inside and smiled at him. His father is a very generous man and I don't think I can turn away from him. His mother in the other hand is a whole another story however, she is a part of the family and leave it that.

They have a big piece of land where they are now but, the taxes in the state where they live keeps going up every year. Plus they are getting old everyday. Even if we clean part of their property to plant they can't take care of it. They are not use to doing yard work even as simple like gardening.

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Ohhh yeah Te Nedek, it's runs in our Filipino blood that we will have to take good care our own parents and even our family circles like sisters, brothers, and some if nobody will take good care of them. I mean if our sister don't have their own family, then we're the one who took of them. Sometimes our close uncles and aunties too, right? So then, thanks for sharing about your in-law family Ate.. nice knowing you more. muahhh!

owensmomma said...

I think it's a shame that most people in the US put their elderly in a nursing home. I told my dh that I full intend to take care of his mom and my parents when they get older.

They took care of us all of these years, so in time we will take care of them.

Cute blog! :)

Nedekcir said...

Thanks for the comments Cacai and Owensmomma. Have a great week, well what ever is left of

S-H-Y said...

Sorry tao lng ngkakamali LOL..I did not say that he has already a wife, I mean he was marriaged before and Alma is his only wife now..Thanks for visiting my blog anyway..

Nedekcir said...

Don't say sorry, kaya nga ako nagtatanong kc i know that Muslim man can marry a few women, pls correct me if I am wrong. Pag-pacnsyahan po ninyo ako kung nasaktan ko ang feelings mo. Matanong lang talaga ako, sana masanay ka sa akin kc babalik ako't babalik pa rin para basahin ang mga sinusulat mo mo dito sa blog mo. Humihingi po ng paumanhin.