Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine Flu

I hope no one that I know got a flu vaccine recently. I remember posting about someone got caught carrying the bird flu virus leaving Canada about a month ago. Think where are the rest of those virus found. Well I guess the media did not tell the truth what kind of flu it was. So, whatever that was they are carrying, now swine flu virus is spreading in NY City high school and Mexico.

I read a few blogger from the Philippines got their "bakuna" (flu shot) and they even posted about it on their blog. Good thing they are not my parents neighbors and I bet they are getting sick just about now too.

I feel sorry for them, but that is what stupidity takes them. Those who do not follow the popularity most likely will be save. Yup, everyone is doing it why should you not do it. Yes following the crowd gets you to trouble.