Monday, May 11, 2009

Hubs Up and Down

Saturday he rented a machine to start our garden. Mind you the ground is still soaking wet and very muddy and he was able to mix the soil a bit. This was early in the morning. Around noon he came home and right away I can smell he had been smoking the whole time he was gone. I don't bother preaching about it anymore, because every time I open my mouth about the whole smoke quitting thing I always get blamed.

But at this point what ever I do or don't do I will still get blame one way or another. Last weekend he did not do anything because he decided not to take the pills. Plus he was complaining about a stomach ache and blaming the pills for it. Thank goodness I did not make the pills.

And you all know about Saturday that we had a birthday party for DD. Sunday is mother's day. He asked me if I wanted to go to Home Depot to pick-up a few things for the garden and a paint basin for painting the downstairs (supposed to be the master bedroom). We still share a bedroom with our two youngest sons. He told me that he will paint when we get home. It did not happen. He got so cranky because DC are all over the place and don't want to listen unless we yell at them. On the way home he was playing with the DVD player because it was making some sort of sound. And kept asking me if I hear the difference while he is doing so. When ever he touch it it turns off, so how can I tell the difference if the player is off I said and gave me an attitude saying I quit. Leave it alone, it's not broken don't fix it and you can fix it when we get home and not driving. He is driving me nuts, I tell you.

He stayed in his computer room for a few hours. I think he got thirsty and went upstairs to get something to drink. I asked him if he wanted to come to get some raw milk. And then we went. Coming back he wanted to listen to the radio. Turned it on and started complaining how static the station was. We had our van since 2004 and he declare from the very first time we travel from our house to his parents house (1 1/2 hour drive) that we have a piece of s#$t car radio. And yesterday he is coming hard on me and asking me if the radio is scratchy. If he does not like the station change it! Mind you we have the DVD player going on, our kids are watching a movie.

I don't know maybe I am the one in the bad mood. He kept playing with the radio while driving and it turns out that every single control was in the right position. And the radio station is the one broadcasting badly. And forgot that we have a piece of s%&t radio. Then we passed the winery and he read "tasting" and ask me if I wanted to do wine tasting. I said yes and he said "all the people I knew never tasting anything because they don't like drinking". Ok, first tasting is not drinking. Second I am not a drinker and never was. It is something I wanted to try just like the way he want to try flying an airplane/helicopter.

I just kept quite the whole drive and then I was told that he just wanted to make a conversation. I wanted to tell him that he wanted an argument not a conversation but kept my mouth shut instead. I should probably start smoking to be nice all the time because he tells me that I am always in the bad mood. Now he is doing the same thing because he does not smoke anymore.

To have a happy and nice husband for a short time or to have a very grumpy husband for the rest of our lives. Which one would you pick, either way it will make me a selfish b@#$h.Nice weather is coming, he is not smoking equal to grumpy and a lot of argument on a nice weather ahead. Anyone want's to take me for the summer to avoid arguments and save our children from hearing hurtful words. Anyone?


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