Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's Official

That DH is back to smoking again. I'm sad because he can't kick the addiction and he can't have a healthy body. However, there are people there that can outlast other people who does not smoke. But I don't what type of tobacco they use. DH has been using these tobacco that are commercialize all his life.

I blame the government who are against disciplining our children. I blame his parents for not hitting him when he started smoking. He started smoking when he was 14 for crying out loud. Teenagers will try anything, but parents need to enforce what is good for them. And with the government telling you what is good for your children is just plain wrong. They don't even know your child the way parents does. Unless you are not fit to be a parent and how in h#$; did you have kids in the first place.

We should plant our own tobacco to make it much healthier for him from now on. The good thing about the whole this is that he is back to his old self again (the super nice). Or his old self is the grumpy one. However, I care for his happiness and he is much happier now.