Friday, May 8, 2009

Lunnette Review

(Warning using menstraul cup)

Like I said at my post here, I got my Lunnette in the mail. Just to clarify you can not buy this here in the US. Don't ask me why because I don't know what's the FDA reasoning behind it. However, you read my reasoning behind why I bought this kind by following this link. This is my very first time using menstrual cup in my life and I can tell you I like it very much. I don't why I have not heard about it before. I could have been using this all my life.

Anyway, yesterday was my very first time. I follow the direction on how to put it on and it with in just fine. I put it on while taking a shower. Fold it twice and it slide in perfectly. I did hear the suction sound while it open inside. I can feel nothing inside and I still use a liner just in case. Plus I feel naked without it. So, I always use liner to protect my underwear.

Taking it out is easier to, all you have to do is pull it forward with your pointer finger a few times and it should loosen it. Then hold the tail and pull it out and empty it out. Rinse, fold and insert it back in. Make sure you pull it out a little to make the suction work then push it back in if the cup is too close to the opening. Make sure you are relax when inserting and pulling it out.

My cervix is about 70mm from the opening and the Lunnette cup is about 48mm long. I turned it inside out because the tail is bothering me. I will probably just cut the tail off next time I take a shower. I know I said 70 and 48 however, I don't think the cup stay high on me. I think it keep going down in my opinion because when I pressed outside I can feel the end after a few times going number 1. When that happens I just pull it, empty it and put it back in. I know it says you can keep it in for as long as 10 hours but since I'm home all day I do it a few times.

The best part about using the cup is that I don't feel the wetness (with pads) anymore. And I don't feel being so full down there like the tampon does to me. Plus, with the tampon I feel very dry after pulling it out. I would recommend this anyone, even if you have IUD on. Oops I almost forgot to everyone to make sure you tuck in the IUD string at the side before inserting the cup in to prevent pulling it out (for precaution).


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