Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Special Prize for Me

I won the special prize at Pinay Jade's birthday contest (post here)...woohoo. Below are my prizes. Hoping the dot com domain is free (I always wanted one*** I just found out this is not free I still have to pay for the hosting***I can easily get my own dot com domain). I don't really have a use for it because I have enough blogs but I would like to donate it to someone with a better use for it. However, if he can't use it I guess I have to start another blog. Whew, what can I write about now...he he he but I will think of something. I always do.

5000 Entrecard Credits + Dot com Domain from Dot Com Domain from ******** goes to Nedekcir

# 1000 EC - Gewgaw Writings Contact Me (Jade) to claim the prize
# 1000 EC - Jena Random Thoughts Contact Me (Jade) to claim the prize
# 1000 EC - A Malaysian Abroad
# 1000 EC - The Power of Me
# 1000 EC - Palabuzz

I also need to send EC credits to other winners. However, I already used all my transfer limit and I can't send anymore. The rest will be sent next week, my apology winners.