Tuesday, May 5, 2009


What is summer without beach vacation or outing? (A very boring and incomplete summer in my opinion.) I have not gone for a few years now because kids are too little to walk by themselves and my hubby was always busy. Now that they are almost all potty trained it will be easy to go by ourselves or the whole family. I could ask my father in law to find us Wildwood New Jersey hotels to stay at for the summer. I'm sure there are other Wildwood new jersey motels around that we could use, but having a reservation is a must for us. I can't keep driving just to find a place to stay with four kids in tow.

We can enjoy our Wildwood vacations more if we can stay there even for a weekend. I can also save money by buying tickets for a whole weekend rather than a day pass. And watch New Jersey attractions like the Radio Disney Artist's at Morey Piers starting at the end of June until the end of August. I think season's ticket would be best for it. We can soak at New Jersey water parks while enjoying the summer's heat. Furthermore, ride the New Jersey amusement parks rides where my kids are allowed to get into, or just simply enjoy Jersey Shore beach vacation by walking at the beach.