Monday, May 18, 2009

Vitamin D (how it works)

Everything Has A Reason
Sweating under the sun is good because that is how you get your vitamin D. However, you need not to shower for two days to make it work. You can shower but you can not use any type of soap to wash your skin yes, it's true.

You can visit Dr. Mercola's website if you don't believe me. And all this time I never gotten enough Vitamin D in my system. I always take a good shower after sunbathing when I was younger. Yes, I had the tan but no vitamin D from it. Interesting, I learn something new everyday.


Russell said...

That is interesting. Only one thing. I think we had better take a shower after all that perspiring. I'll take a vitamin D supplement.
Nice Blog.

Shimumsy said...

wow, is that so? taking shower is the best thing to do right after sunbathing but i guess you are defeating the purpose. thanks for the info.

Nedekcir said...

Thanks for commenting Shim and Russell.