Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Almost Done

That pertain to my children paper works for new cyber schools. I sent out the two enrollment form about 75 pages of papers yesterday. I'm hoping it will not take a long time before they get back to us. I wanted to finish the orientations and get their hardware's and materials before the school starts.

The one for my Kinder is not finish yet because I just change the address on my electric bill to match my street address. This is one reason I hate about outside the city. I have a street address, mailing address and property address that can be use and I can receive letters from all three addresses.

Then when it comes to verifying my street address which UPS and FedEx uses it is kinda hard because the forms they wanted don't have the same address on them. But they all go to the same place. I wish they stick to one but no, they will make it hard for everyone. Then the mail people had a nerve to tell me to use the correct one. And why in hell you keep giving me letters that are not using the correct address.

What are their reasons for all of these?