Friday, June 19, 2009

Excuse Me?

I did grow up in a ultra conservative family. And we are practicing the ultra conservative life with mine right now. DH inform me that his best friend brother is coming over from Florida at the end of the month. He said that his sister in law (her husband is DH best friend who died in a motorcycle accident a year ago) will be with him. My brain started to think, "how come he did not mention his girlfriend coming?" What, he moved into his sister in laws life now and got rid of his girlfriend which by the way they have one son together. DH answer was this, "I don't see anything wrong with that". (What the h#$l?)

Is that the way ultra conservative people act, keep it in the family? My parents thought me never to date your cousins. The heck when they cousins it goes all the way to 10th cousins. Not even the brother of your brother in law or the sister of your sister in law (for the men) they are forbidden. Now that I am married to the most conservative man that I know and he is telling me it is ok with him...yuck in my opinion.

She is already part of the family, i say. Then he said, when he died she is not part of the family anymore. In the US maybe, but not the way my parents brought me up. Sorry, but if I die there is no way in hell you are marrying anybody in my family. You will always be a part of my family and our children will always be part of my family. It is the grandparents job to keep in contact if they mother or father re-married to non-part of the family.

I am so sick just thinking about this and kinda disappointed about DH beliefs too. Is that mean that if my oldest son and myself died in a car accident, that my husband can marry his daughter in law? Are they going to have kids too and now he has a grand kids and kids and own kids with the same woman? SO, the kids will have brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles at the same time. Or my younger son will marry my oldest son's wife, then they will have Uncle for a Dad and sisters or brothers for a cousins.

That is sick in my opinion. And there is no way I will let them do it, over my dead body. I saw so much back home with my cousins done the same way and I am not very fond of it. There is something wrong in their brain in my opinion. They are part of the family period. The ten commandment said do not covet your neighbor's wife (but I think they are talking about with the husband living) but you are telling me that is ok with your sister in law, brother in law or daughter in law? THAT IS SICK and my DH is making me sick thinking about this.