Friday, June 19, 2009

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind etc

Everything Has A ReasonI always wish that I knew everything I know now then. Reminders from family and friends are not enough for me to take very good care my health then. I thought I know everything and that is always wrong now that I am getting old. I just wish I condition myself to eating healthy and exercise more before I started having children. That was long gone and I'm done having children too. I am so glad that none of them have hard to cure diseases. However, a few of them developed some kind of allergies or reaction to some food. All I can do now is preserve my menstrual blood at C’elle for their future use, just in case something goes wrong when I get old or out of this world.

If you have a history of these incurable diseases, you should check the C'elle benefits. We owe it to our children protect them and be ready for anything in this world. Please visit the pricing page and see which one you can afford. You can ask some of your relative to help you if you can’t afford it. Instead of giving you gifts for your birthday and every holidays maybe they can just give you the cash and use it to preserve your menstrual blood for the future use. Think about your family and keep yourself healthy.

Additional Information:

No matter how young or old we are, we always need our moms. And moms always want to be there for their kids. This is true when they’re young, when they’re teenagers, and even when they’re not kids anymore. That’s why it’s important for moms to care for themselves and take steps to protect their future.

Sure, there’s diet, exercise, breast self-exams and regular checkups at the doctor. But one powerful way that moms can take action may not readily come to mind: Storing their menstrual blood. Yes, menstrual blood! That’s because menstrual blood contains stem cells, those powerful building blocks of life. Today, stem cells of different kinds are used around the world to treat and even cure more than 75 conditions such as osteoporosis, leukemia, and Hodgkin’s disease, to name just a few.

From blood disorders, malignancies, immunodeficiencies and other inherited disorders, to many more promising developments on the horizon for dozens of new potential uses in the near future, scientists and doctors continue to make rapid progress. Some of the anticipated uses for stem cells being studied today focus on the treatment of conditions that affect so many women as they age.