Friday, June 26, 2009

More Paper Works

I will putting my two kids in different cyber school this year. I wanted to widen my knowledge on each cyber school curriculum and pick which I like or in this matter my kids likes. I already filled-up all the paper works and I'm just waiting for the medical and dental form.

After this I need to schedule a face to face meeting with the two cyber school and with my Kinder this year, I need to attend an online class. We still need to finish the non core classes or at least make it up to certain percentage. Then I need to call their current cyber school and withdraw them from it. And lastly pack all the returnable hardware and books to K12. I will be very busy doing all of these, not to mention I am potty training my youngest son.

My Kinder will be going to CCA, my 1st grader will go to PALCS and my 3rd grader will be going to CPDLF. I don't want to put their site here just in case something bad happens and I become reliable. You can probably google it under US cyber schools if you are curious who they are.