Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Second Week & Counting

We are in our second week taking the Chelation Pesto for metal detox. We are supposed to take it for three weeks in the row to detox our blood from any harmful metal. It does not get easy every day. Or should I say, "it gets worst everyday". However I will do anything in the name of healthy living.

When we made it a week ago last Sunday, it taste fine. I told DH that I can eat it, but the more it sits in the jar inside the fridge, the taste gets stronger and so is the smell. It's getting harder to swallow it down. But let me tell you this, my meal gets smaller everyday and I'm hoping to get to my normal size after 8 years. And I am pretty much looking for it after all these years. I don't have to buy new clothes size anymore.

Furthermore, in my SIL's wedding in July I wanted to show off my new size. It's going to be a summer and outside wedding. I can't wait to look normal again.


a49erfangirl said...

I have never heard of metal detox. Is that to lose weight? I probably should keep reading on your blog to find out. It really caught my interest. Good luck on the weight loss.

Nedekcir said...

This recipe is to get rid of bad metal in your blood. Like my DD who is allergic to peanuts it means she have a lot of mercury into her system.

However, this one work for me as food suppressant from my experience. I notice that I eat less since I started taking it.